Wings & Whitewalls Car Show – Marietta, GA August 24th, 2018

Wings & Whitewalls Car Show – Marietta, GA August 24th, 2018

1st Annual Wings & Whitewalls Car Show – Marietta, GA August 24th, 2018

The headline states, “1st Annual Wings and White Walls Car Show“. I have use the word “Annual“ without knowing if they’re going to do the show next year. But, judging from the turnout and success of this first one, I would assume they will have one again next year.  click here for show pictures

Wings & Whitewalls Car Show Video

It was hot and muggy with no rain in sight. The turn out for the show was more than the planners had expected.  I’m estimating about 85 to 90 cars with a steady flow of spectators most of the day.

Lots of Mustangs and a variety of vehicles. There were even a few motorcycles.

A live band played and there were vendors from barbershops to barbecue sandwiches. And of course there was the Aviation Museum  which included airplanes and even a cargo plane to go inside and explore.

From a scale of 1 to 10, I rated the show 6. And in my opinion, was a great first show.

2018 Wings and Whitewalls Award Winners

First Registration – Doc Waldrop
Best Muscle Car – 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Joe (no pic)
Best Modern Muscle Car – 2008 Mustang, Don Rogers (no pic)
Best European Classic Car –  1987 Citron (no pic)
Best Classic Car – 1950 Buick Hobie (no pic)

Largest Car Club Participation – Georgia Regional Mustang Club

Hot Rod flamed 1950 Buick Justin Roberts

Surviver 1923 Studebaker Faith
Team Motorcycle Blue Moon Motorcycles

Exotic 2017 McLaren 720 Carol HORNEY

Kid’d Choice – Green Dodge Viper- REX HORNEY

Best in Show 1967 VW tiki bar bus

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