OH NO! Trans Am Down!

OH NO! Trans Am Down!

During the creation of this website and in route to a show in North Alabama, the axle straps dropped and the car rolled forward and backwards scratching and chipping the paint on the bumpers.

The impact busted the paint like peanut brittle. You could run your hand across the bumper and paint splinters and chips would just fly off exposing the grey primer underneath.

It was upsetting, but a lesson learned, we

now use Vulcan ProSeries Adjust Loop Auto Tie Down Straps ratcheted to the floor hooks.  They are a little difficult to install the first couple of times, They have to be positioned just right not to slip off. Not to mention there is almost zero room around the car to install them.

One of the reasons we had damage is because the emergency brakes won’t stay down. If you set them too tight, they will pop right back up. Set the brake pedal easy and they will stay, but there’s not enough pressure to secure the car from moving. We learned this after we realized the E braked popped off in the trailer.

We replaced the pedal and it helps, but still doesn’t hold as strong as we would like. All the cables were new three years ago. We are open to any advise on any GM E brake issues that anyone may have.

The cables do run across the mufflers and rattle and ping when the brake is released.

While in the body shop getting the bumpers repainted and re-striped, the car would not crank. When you turn the ignition, the starter would just grind.

Pushing the car off to get it home, we jacked it up on stands and  found both stripped flywheel and and starter Bendix gears.  We have noticed that the starter made a weird noise when the car was started.

We set out for a new flywheel and starter. The issue was that the starter was $410.00 MSD starter and the flywheel was balanced on the engine with a $490.00 price tag.

That’s when the older gentleman behind the counter at Summit Racing explained to me how his dad use to flip the flywheel gear rings on his tractor flywheels using a refrigerator freezer and an oven.

We purchased a $28 flywheel ring (seen here in the oven at 550 degrees for 45 minutes) and ordered a $98 MSD Bendix gear and we were good to go.

Clutch, pressure plate and hydraulic self adjusting throughout bearing were in “like new” condition. We added Purple Synchromax Manual Transmission Fluid because our local O’Reilly Auto Parts store did not carry it, but we will change the fluid with Redline MTL Transmission Fluid  in 15,000 miles.

After completing the repair, the car went back to the body shop to get some buffing and we stayed up all night preparing for the Revs and Rods show the next day.

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