where does the surname magee originate

where does the surname magee originate

You will find their presence mostly in the northern half of the island. Those of us working on it including your second cousins would love to make contact with you to know you and acknowledge the work you have done for the Feerick cause. I would love to know where in Cork or from anywhere in Ireland. ps… My ancestor, James McCausland also came from Ulster in 1718 into Maine, USA. Hello,

It is uncommon as a given name.

I found our Irish ancestors in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford in 1840. From what I have been able to find out, they came from the Tierlahood, Stradone area in Cavan. This was about 22% of all the recorded Magee's in the USA. Magee is an Irish and Scottish surname derived from the Irish surname's Mag Aodha and O’Maolgaoithe. Early Origins of the Magee family The surname Magee was first found in along the border of counties Donegal and Tyrone (Irish:Tír Eoghain), the ancient territory of the O'Neills, now in the Province of Ulster, central Northern Ireland, where they are thought to be descended from the Colla Uais. Would you know something else about Savage Family before they left Ireland? USA. I am assuming you are the great great granddaughter of David Feerick c1813-1893 via John, Pat and Tom. Mike.

My many times great grandparents were Robert Davis and Agnes Armstrong from Killashandra. Love your site…fun to read about Place Name MAIN STREET . People with the name Magee include: Hello Mike.

From the web research I’ve done, it does appear that the surname Magee is almost always Irish, though there was a Magee family line that accompanied the McDonells from Islay to Antrim in the late 16th century and that line did end up in the parish adjoining Ballintoy, even marrying into the Stewarts of Ballintoy. Our McKenzie line, thought to be Scottish turned out to be a direct line to Niall of the Nine Hostages in Ireland though which matches what my paternal Grandmother told me when I was age 10 — “your Grandfather’s line is Irish!” The farthest back we can trace is to early 1700s in PA where Joseph McKenzie was listed as born in Ireland. We have uploaded our raw results to a free site GEDMatch.com in hopes of finding more cousins. However, it can also be an English/English Planter name and that may be the George Roe you refer to. 4th there was supposedly a Colleran clan of Conmach but there’s no way to be sure considering there wasn’t a lot of info on it. Mike. Mike. Act 15&16

Respectfully Paul L cochran Sr. ), Thane of Moray and Ross ( Powerful Chief of Clan Finnlaoich) or Momaar Finleigh of Moray in 1009, (father of) Finlay McRuaidhrl, Earl of Moray, King of Western Scotland and husband of Princess Donada (daughter of King Malcolm ll) , who were (parents of) of King Macbeth Finley of Scotland.

I am new to your page here but I am engrossed! my family arrived to Argentina during mid 1800’s .

Clara Mathey Check out our Green Room for individual assistance jcstokes.

Agnis Muggye was married at Templemore, Derry, in 1649, and Alexander Moggy was christened at Ballymoney, Antrim, on October 20th 1831.The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Teag MacGee, "a chief of the sept", which was dated circa 1000a.d. I haven’t had the pleasure of having a Grandparent since age 6; I would hold getting to know Agnes O’Keefe through history dear to my heart. I didn’t see McGrath in these lists. We know for sure that they were a couple & a single man named Owen Savage. I guess that the name died down through intermarriage etc. Parish RACAVAN Hi Richard – it can be both. See also: First names by country of origin Last Names by Origin (and I got my OSuileanbain sweatshirt!!!). My family came to America in 1888. He came over with siblings. My Great Grandmother was Garrahan, she was the mother of my Father’s mother. I do however know the Collerans are of the conmaicne cuile toladh whpo were a very old clan in Ireland. Very interesting – thanks for sharing Jeanne. I am a descendant of McLaughlins(Eoghan), MacGuinness, McShane, and Farren.

Is one of your relatives Rhodum Griggs? 1st Mac Almuraihne. The name McCreery is from the Irish Mac Ruaidhri (son of Rory) – and was orginally a County Tyrone name.

): https://www.johngrenham.com/findasurname.php?surname=lafferty, I don’t see the surname carey or carrig or o’carey anywhere! The form "Magee" reflects the pronunciation of Ulster and Scottish Gaelic, with "Mag-" most common in the east of the province, and "Mac-" in the west; Ulster is the area where the name is most common by far. Thank you! Also my mother’s father was a Carberry and they swear he was Irish, as if my Irish Catholic grandmother McNulty would marry anything else. Hi Jay – thanks for the vote of confidence – you can read more about the surname Ryan on my other page http://www.youririshheritage.com/the-surname-ryan/ Mike. Hi Renee – Cooley is usually a shortening of a different surname or a simailar sounding name e.g. We don’t know about the Irish town or specific area where they came from, just WestMeath. – and we’ll let you know how to join in the fun. In Co. Cavan, Mag Aodha has also sometimes, strangely, been anglicised as "Wynne", from a mistaken resemblance to gaoth, "wind". Proctor is not particularly common in that part of Derry and think I found one reference to an 18th century William Proctor in nearby Magherafelt.

Hi Fred – I’m not sure about the original source of the name (but it would be Norman French) – and a number of Fitzsimmons came to Ireland in medieval times BUT the main family came in 1323 to Westmeath. I recently took a Y-DNA test at Family tree dna.

Hi Patty – on the naming – the answer is yes! Hi Liz – you are so kind – we are very happy to accept such feedback all the time Thanks for all your support – now and well into the future.

© Copyright: Name Origin Research 1980 - 2017. Mike Reilly. He spoke Gaelic Irish which is more common in the west of Ireland. His father was a Thomas Colleran of Lowpark, Charlestown, County Mayo. Perhaps Tyrone. The O’Reillys were a really important family in Ireland -Gaelic kings – the head of the area known as “Breffny” around counties Cavan and some of Meath nowadays.

Hi,The name Harmon aka O’hArgadain is one of the many names that the Normans brought to Ireland in the 1160s.It is more common in Ireland than we may think. Lancashire had the highest population of Magee families in 1891.

I can send more info when I unpack it. Map Reference My father told me that our branch of the Sullivan family came over pre-American revolution, at some point dropped the O’ and came from Muenster. Not sure who told you that because a name comes from Northern Ireland – it is English rather than Gaelic, but that is a bit of a generalisation. From the Irish “MacAoidh”. Were all Gees originally McGees (or Magees?) Thats the trouble with a Trip to Ireland – it leaves you wanting more Ellen! As you many know, the McCoys was a name from the north of Ulster mainly so your information sounds right. Hi Cecilia – the Savage name was a Norman one that initially settled in County Down where you still find the majority today. He worked for the fire department and lived to be nearly 102 years old. I tried to find the origin of my Irish families names Doyle & Savage. Later able to trace our line to mid-18th century Ballintoy parish, county Antrim. This was about 37% of all the recorded Magee's in the UK. Top of the morning to ya, Michael. Earl. Also more about the names.

I beleieve they came from Waterford to Placentia about 1750 .

Hi Bonnie – the County Down Savages were Normans who arrived there through England. The surnames of the families in Canada who knew her were Mosgrove and Ha an. They were from Donegal, Moville Parish, Mossey Glen townland. Many of them went to the colonies from 1700s onwards from Ulster. I have read that the spelling of Currie is likely Scottish. The family moved to Nashville and Cleveland, TN and into Rome, Floyd County, GA after that.

So it became Colleran. Any chance that our Patrick might have been a son and came to America???? Some has his father as James Magee. I have a question. He married a Thom(p)son who I believe was Scottish, but the only Kerr/Thomson marriage I can find which is a ‘reasonable’ fit was in Doneraile in 1855, the only Robert Kerr I can find in this ‘fit’ would have been 20 and his bride, Margaret Thomson would have been 16. I see Mike that your last post seems to be dated back two years ago so not sure whether you still check this or not. Printing Date 1862 Family Name 2 LOGAN

They settled in Roscommon originally but are found across north Ulster. And it’s origin is in Ireland. Hello Mike, I am looking for my family with the names Shields, Reynolds & Matheny!

Hi Ange,

Believe he came to US as a child. Mike – in Ulster the McShanes were a branch of the O’Neills mostly from around Tyrone. My mother’s ancestors from Ireland have the surnames, Christian, Warren and Jeakle, who were German Palantines. Can you shed some light here? Hi Moira – yes indeed – Carberry/Carbery is an Irish name – from the Irish Ó Cairbre. The surname McGee is the 5,318 th most widespread family name on earth It is held by approximately 1 in 68,398 people. We are unable to trace his Irish birthplace. Doyle means “Dark foreigner” in Irish and was a name given to many Danish Vikings found in the eastern towns of Ireland. Back to Irish surnames There are a number of variations to the name including MacGee, MacGhee, MacGhie, … Would love to be able to find Matthew’s parents and siblings names…. The name came to Ireland in the 1300s from Scotland as Galloglass (mercenary soldiers) to fight on behalf of the Gaelic Chieftains against the Normans.

We also know all their history by here after their arrival. but his mums descended from Barnewalls, or deberneval in Norman. It can also be another name for the Irish sept of the MacDonnells Sarah. Privacy policy. Were a leaded family there up to the 1200s – but still many of that name there. Also known as Mac Craith or McRaith. We all arrived at some point – some stayed and some passed through after some generations. Just wondering if you’ll be posting any info. There is a huge family of Shields living in the US, originally coming from Antrim & Armagh!

Also there is my other set of great grandparents, Patrick McKeon & Mary Webb again I find them on they 1860 census but no location of where they came from other than Ireland. Hi Dolores – have a look at http://www.youririshheritage.com/the-surname-hanvey/ Mike. I don’t see any mention of Muenster anywhere. Matthew Gillespie was supposedly born in Limerick in 1698, his first child was born in U.S. in 1726.

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