violet jessop husband

violet jessop husband

It was in Australia that Violet’s aunt Sadie met a man named Cecil Ridley, returning as his bride to England. Many scenes from this film inspired similar and in some cases, almost dialogue-identical scenes in James Cameron's later 1997 blockbuster Titanic, including a similar scene between Andrews and a stewardess named Lucy. She replied, "No, John, I had never told that story to anyone before I told you now." In addition, she had been on board RMS Olympic, the eldest of the three sister ships, when it collided with a British warship Called HMS Hawke, in 1911. The dive team needed to accomplish a number of tasks including reviewing the expansion joints. Very interesting story that completes Violet Jessop's Memoirs ("Titanic survivor") edited by Maxtone-Graham. On occasions he was shipmate to stewardess Violet Jessop. It was billed as "A dramatic account of the last twelve hours in the life of an 'unsinkable ship'. Connect any celebrity with Violet Jessop to see how closely they are linked... romantically! She became very ill as a child with what is presumed to have been tuberculosis, which she survived despite doctors' predictions that her illness would be fatal. by Chris Burgess, staged for the first time Upstairs at the Gatehouse in Highgate, March 2012, to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of Titanic. During the First World War, Jessop served as a stewardess for the British Red Cross. It appears she was mourning her failed marriage. Stewardess Violet, who might previously have cherished notions of marrying one of the well-to-do passengers that she served, eventually settled for someone of exactly the same occupational rank and social station.Her husband was fully ten years older. In addition, she had been onboard RMS Olympic, the eldest of the three sister ships, when it collided with a British warship, HMS Hawke, in 1911. Miss Violet Constance Jessop, 24, of 71 Shirley Road, Bedford Park, London was born in the pampas near Bahia Blanca, Argentina, the first child of Irish emigrants William and Katherine (Kelly) Jessop.
Robyn says the relationship ended because her ex-husband … Indeed Lewis, now based in Southampton, would be on the sister ship at the time of the tragedy, and was friendly with many of those serving on the Titanic.

I have written (in french) a biography of Captain HJ Haddock ("Le vrai capitaine Haddock-Herbert James") who was the master of the Olympic on which Violet sailed  many times. I realize by the 1920's social customs had changed radically. But they did not get divorced. [3][4] She was the first of nine children, six of whom survived. But Violet Constance Jessop did – on Monday October 29, 1923. They were both aboard the Majestic in 1923. Whatever ended the marriage of Violet Jessop and John James Lewis, the former stewardess of the Olympic, Titanic and Britannic did not confide in her family – and no hint or whisper of bigamy has ever been passed down. A fourth son, Patrick, (14), is still in school, as is daughter Eileen, nine. Now, three weeks after that birthday, she was marrying at last – but in the distinctly unglamorous surroundings of Our Lady of Grace and St Edward in suburban London. Mother and children packed up and returned to Europe, settling in England.
[1] She was later ordered into lifeboat 16; and as the boat was being lowered, one of Titanic's officers gave her a baby to look after. Louis Francken, Encyclopedia Titanica (2011) Violet's Barren White Star Wedding (Titanica!, ref: #12513, published 27 April 2011, generated 2nd November 2020 11:22:19 AM); URL :, Copyright © 1996-2020 Encyclopedia Titanica, A possible role of space weather in the Titanic disaster, Survivability Study of the 1912 RMS Titanic Disaster, Survivor of Titanic Disaster Expires at 83 in Mt. Canon Edmund Egan gave the final blessing and Violet and John James were wed. [7] Jessop chose not to discuss this collision in her memoirs. Hartest Cemetery, Hartest, Babergh District, Suffolk, England, /wiki/Encyclopedia_Titanica. Whether he was in reality is open to question. From the calm afternoon of 14 April 1912 to the rescue by RMS Carpathia on the morning of 15 April". Jessop had to dress down to make herself less attractive to be hired. All the children were born in Buenos Aires, except for the youngest, who is ascribed to Mendoza. That could explain Violet's terse "disaster" and the sudden collapse of the marriage. The marriage that was excised from her memoirs is now restored to the record. "Yes," Jessop replied. Catherine Jessop remarried, becoming Mead. Records indicate that the only baby on lifeboat 16 was Assad Thomas, who was handed to Edwina Troutt, and later reunited with his mother on Carpathia. [1][7] There were no fatalities[1] and despite damage, the ship was able to make it back to port without sinking. "(Violet Jessop’s hitherto Encyclopedia Titanica biography). The eldest, John James Lewis, is described as a ‘Steward (Sea).’ It all ties up – and there are no similar Lewis families in Liverpool with the right names and occupations. She would stay aboard for the next two years, but on October 24, 1925 went ashore at Southampton and would stay on dry land for the next seven months. Unfortunately there is a fly in the ointment: descendants alive today in Canada have identified this census entry as that of their forebear, John James Lewis. (All illustrations courtesy of the contributor). In her late thirties, Jessop had a brief marriage, and in 1950 she retired to Great Ashfield, Suffolk. [1][2], Born on 2 October 1887, near Bahía Blanca, Argentina, Violet Constance Jessop was the oldest daughter of Irish immigrants William and Katherine Jessop. The team was looking for evidence that would change the thinking on RMS Titanic's sinking. Violet Constance Jessop (2 October 1887 – 5 May 1971) was an Irish Argentine ocean liner stewardess and nurse who is known for surviving the disastrous sinkings of both RMS Titanic and her sister ship, HMHS Britannic, in 1912 and 1916, respectively. ‘They just didn’t get on.’ says niece Mary Meehan. John James Lewis described himself as a mariner in the merchant service, the son of a master mariner. The following link will give you a short presentation of the book :  LA MAISON D'EDITION AVANT-PROPOS | ... -it.comSome pages of this book are devoted to Violet's story but the circumtances of her wedding were unknown to me until I discovered this blog. In the 1958 film A Night To Remember, a scene depicts naval architect Thomas Andrews (Michael Goodliffe) instructing a stewardess to be seen wearing her lifebelt as an example to the other passengers. It was a far cry from the exotic circumstances of her birth on the pampas of Argentina, where her Irish father emigrated to become a sheep farmer. It is, on first glance, unusual that a man would be marrying for the first time at 46, but Lewis confidently asserted himself a bachelor. It was here that Violet’s granny (Catherine’s mother) died while on a visit in 1893. He is named as a witness on the marriage certificate. Years after her retirement, she got a telephone call from a woman claiming to be the baby she saved. [3] She watched as the crew loaded the lifeboats.

Violet Jessop around 1912                    Church of Our Lady of Grace and St Edward. Robyn says the relationship ended because her ex-husband treated her and their children badly. Jessop spent much of her childhood caring for her younger siblings. They parted after a year. [5] When her mother became ill, Jessop left school and, following in her mother's footsteps, applied to be a stewardess. They say this John James, a ship’s steward, married a Lancashire lass in 1903, with the pair eventually emigrating to the Dominion – where John James would finally give up the sea and become a farmer. William and Catherine were married in 1886 and were blessed by the arrival of Violet in October 1887. She believes Violet always carried a torch for Ned, the lost lad of her earlier years. And it was Uncle Cecil, ‘a person of the most charming, kindly manners and old-world courtliness’ in Violet’s memoir (‘our aunt had good taste in selecting him as a husband’), who would give her away in 1923, standing in for her deceased father. He was followed by his fiancée, Catherine Kelly, born of a wealthy family who ran a photographic business and lived on fashionable Merrion Square in Dublin – where they probably knew the young Oscar Wilde, a close neighbour. Lewis had his own close Titanic connections. But for those born before WW1, when a marriage became intolerable, a couple might split up and go their separate ways. Violet Constance Jessop (2 October 1887 – 5 May 1971) was an Argentine ocean liner stewardess, memoirist and nurse who is known for surviving the disastrous sinkings of RMS Titanic in 1912 and her sister ship HMHS Britannic in 1916. In addition, she had been onboard RMS Olympic, the eldest of the three sister ships, when it collided with a British warship, HMS Hawke, in 1911. [8] Jessop described in her memoirs how she was ordered up on deck, because she was to function as an example of how to behave for the non-English speakers who could not follow the instructions given to them.

When she got on board the Carpathia the mother took the baby from her, and never even thanked her. The family, whose forebear was married at 26 – twenty years before Violet Jessop jumped the broom – is not willing to believe that the census entry relates to the same man she married, 46-year-old John James Lewis, still a steward at sea. [13], "The woman who survived all three disasters aboard the sister ships: The Titanic, Britannic, and Olympic", Agreement Concerning the Shipwrecked Vessel RMS Titanic,, British Merchant Service personnel of World War I, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 06:04. Her first husband David Jessop was arrested for assault in 2018 Credit: HAMILTON POLICE DEPARTMENT. There may have been a short honeymoon somewhere in Britain… but Violet Lewis and her new husband were both back on the Majestic before the middle of the following month. Britannic sank within 55 minutes, killing 30 of the 1,066 people on board. A picture of Violet’s husband, John James Lewis, although submitted to the Canadian family some months ago, has not been commented on. to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions.

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