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totally spies sam personality is a free online quiz making tool. She is the leader of her group thanks to her intelligence and her charisma. She is always focused on the task at hand whether it's studying for school or fighting crime. Are you Alex, Sam or Clover?? They then chase after Fabu's ship, manage to destroy it and catch Fabu and his Sphynx in his escape pod. Averted with GLADIS. Jerry: No freakin' way!! Despite what many would think, this show's, Also, GLADIS' main interface looks a lot like Shirka from. In "Malled" she retains her primary outfit but minor changes as her blue shirt becomes fushcia pink but maintains the white collar and shoes. Actually, Totally Spies had sort of the best of both world,s with their color coded trio and mock-anime styling. The show is also notable for being a treasure trove of Author Appeal; each episode was seemingly dedicated to at least one different type of fetishes. Sam has shoulder-length red hair and green eyes. Her outfits usually have flowers on them or she wears flowery accessories. Sam has long red hair and emerald green eyes. But before that, they later return to school to face punishment from the principal for the "damage" they caused when trying to avoid her earlier on in the movie (thanks to Sam using a laser lip stick to cut an escape hole in the wall earlier). 10 Questions - Developed by: Isabelle - Developed on: 2018-07-11 - 11,648 taken - 7 people like it Take this quiz to find out which character from Totally Spies … Which character from Totally Spies are you? She is the 'big sister' of the team. Sam, Alex and Clover starting their new lives in Beverly Hills, California. She wore a pink bikini with a towel covering her bottom in "Eraser". She occasionally wears a green one-piece bathing suit as seen in "The Getaway" and other episodes. The True Tropes Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Her second most worn outfit, as seen in "The O.P." She has a slight resemblance to Jean Grey, which Hale also voices on Wolverine and the X-Men, from the X-men ( not to mention Jean being one of the smartest x-men). Each of the three spies has their own specialty: Clover is the designated hostage and is frequently a victim of various transformations, Alex has freakishly bad luck, and Sam will often be Brainwashed. In addition, she accessorizes with a belt. So is done. Totally Spies Season 6 Opening Multilanguage (21 Versions), Gabriella Simpson and unnamed father (parents). This is after nearly being blasted by one of Fabu's minions in a fighter jet while being flown back to school and after nearly avoiding Miss Skritch as they sneak back into school. Some fans have speculated that she might be of Irish heritage. As the episode progressed the Spies were brainwashed and their mothers are recruited to save them. This was only found out when Clover's phony skin care products started melting "her" face. During college, she went to Malibu University, or Mali-U, as Sam and the other girls usually called it. The show totally received a movie, as well as a Spin-Off (The Amazing Spiez). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is the oldest of the team and the most mature of the 3, although she can be a hypocrite. At times, Jerry also seems to take a little too much joy in tossing the girls into dangerous situations. She often wears long skirts, skirts, flowing tops, dresses, buttoned shirts, vests, jeans, chokers, boots, high heel sandal wedges, and rarely thin heels. This may also be a bit of the creators actually DOING the research, as the Lumière Brothers were the inventors of film over in France.

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