toontown chairman

toontown chairman

At Gyros lab toons will be given opportunity to visit Cog Nation a mega city outside of Toontown and only way to get to Cog Nation is to board one of the trains at Cashbot HQ which will take Toons to Cog Nation. 16 toons are spilt into two teams of eight one team fights VP and CFO and second team fight CJ and CEO in a hockey match and must score most points if one team loses they will lose all there laff points and are out of the battle and other cog bosses will join the other match making it extremely difficult for other team to progress further making them virtually undefeatable if all cog bosses score the most points they win and all toons lose there laff points and are sent back to playground which is Funny Farms. The Chairman was originally created by Gyro Gearloose for good of Toontown but since Scrooge McDuck was funding the project he rewired the robot the wrong way despite there being a DO NOT TOUCH SIGN on the robot and The Chairman was activated and went on to create the first Cogs who proceeded to invade Toontown and The Chairman took Scrooge McDuck prisoner and used his wealth to build Cog Nation. Once maze has been completed a massive throne can be seen in distance with Chairman sitting in it and next to Chairman is a cage and inside cage is Scrooge McDuck who is asleep but awakens and puts his hands on bars and is glad to see all 16 toons and Gyro Gearloose and demands to be released but Chairman flicks the cage with his finger and is not amused and knocks Scrooge out in process making him dizzy. The VP says 'CAN'T YOU JUST GET RID OF HIM YOU CALL HIM YOUR SO CALLED RIGHT HAND MAN BUT ALL HE DOES IS HANDLE THE TECH AND THATS IT, The CFO says 'HE SERVES NO PURPOSE CHAIRMAN REMEMBER YOU BUILT ALL OF COG NATION ON YOUR WEALTH AND OUR HQS, The CJ says 'I BELIEVE CTO NEEDS TO UNDERGO A LIE DETECTOR TEST IF HE FAILS HE CAN BE PUT ON TRAIL AT LAWBOT HQ BUT HE IF HE PASSES THEN WE JUST NEED TO ACCEPT HIM FOR WHO HE IS, The CEO says 'NOW HANG ON LADS I LIKE CTO HE IS ONE OF MY BESTEST PALS AND I RESPECT HIM A LOT CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG HOW ABOUT A ROUND OF GOLF NO WAIT HANG ON HE WAS PREVIOUS CEO'S BEST PAL WASEN'T HE MY BAD'. In "Edicts of War," the Chairman was informed the Toons were close to discovering the location of Bossbot HQ. The Boss of The Cogs is now a playable character for Don't Starve Together! He had visited Clarabelle Cow in her studio and offered her the opportunity to have cow children of her own, an impossibility for her. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Gyro plans to go with you to Cog Nation to rescue Scrooge McDuck and also face Chairman as well but you must help Gyro build a Cog Valet suit as well and the only way to do this is at Cog Nation and to get to Cog Nation and unlock the area on your shicker book you have to head to end of Farmstead Way leading to outskirts of Toontown itself and to massive and dark area entrance via sewage system you escaped from earlier leading to Cog Nation. The Chairman calmly ordered for a new plan to destroy the Toons. Once toons finally get to his virtual body Chairman knowing he is finally defeated starts to explode and says 'BAH YOU HAVE BEATEN ME HAHAHAHA BUT I STILL HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN TOONTOWN WILL BE DESTROYED AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME' the Chairman explodes and toons start dancing but Gyro Gearloose is distraught he could not save his creation and turn him good but is pleased that Scrooge McDuck is free but Scrooge McDuck is annoyed his investment funded in project was wasted and spent on Cog Nation but thanks toons for releasing him. Bossbot Headquarters was first attacked in "Brawl of the Bossbots" and the Chairman was unsurprised. The Chairman made his first appearance in "Irenic" when he informed the Bossbot CEO that the Toons had returned from their three-year exile. Chairman starts to get suspicious when toons disguised as CTO do not speak and Chairman scans CTO and sees 16 toons inside and is shocked and slams his fist down on table and Chairman shouts 'TOONS HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE BAH YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME DO YOU.

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