the next step season 4 episode 20

the next step season 4 episode 20

Riley helps the team get ready for competition by doing anti-bullying exercises. A-Troupe perform[s] at the qualifier. Noah takes a big step in his relationship with Amanda. Alfie asks Riley to go on a trip, and she does, but not where he planned. Amanda's cousin Cooper shows up to visit The Next Step Studio. Everything Coming to Netflix in August 2020, Everything Coming to Hulu in December 2017. Everyone learns the different types of bullying behavior and how to deal with it. Season 3 West and Eldon help the small group with their choreography. The first episode of season 4.5 … Release In an attemptto prevent future arguements, Skylar and Cierra make a pact. Skylar helps the zero percenters deal with their nerves.

LaTroy and Sloane get into a fight after he receives an invitation he can't refuse. James, West and Eldon continue to compete at Banger and Mashups in London. This is the last season to  feature the previous seasons opening sequence. However, those episodes were previously shown in Poland, Spain, Portugal and Italy before they were shown in Canada. The first episode of season 4.0 aired on February 15, 2016, at 5:30 pm et/pt on Family Channel in Canada. An influx of brand-new dancers would mean new dynamics and challenges for the studio, and the team must fight harder than ever to make it back on top. Episodes 5-40 Riley and Alfie have their first date and it does not go well. The first episode of season 4.5 premiered on October 14, 2016. Noah's rehearsal prompts a discussion about which trio should be showcased to represent The Next Step.

Rehearsals for the season started on August 25, 2015.1Filming began on September 14 and finished on December 11 in 2015, although some extra scenes were filmed in early 2016. Rehearsals for the season started on August 25, 2015. LaTroy returns from time with his father and turns to Sloane to sort out his feelings. Noah struggles with being reassigned the Qualifier duet. Meanwhile, Noah and Richelle prepare a duet with the helps of an old A-Troupe member. Noah, afraid of losing his spot on A-Troupe, continues to hide his back troubles.

40 The team competes in the first round at Regionals. A talented group of teenage dancers battle for glory at the Regional Championships. As Michelle came to the next step so did drama it is be harder than ever to get everyone to work together will the get to regionals or will they be torn down. Alfie, Amanda, Amy, Cassie, Henry, LaTroy, James, Michelle, Noah, Piper, Richelle, Riley, Skylar, Sloane Meanwhile, Eldon, West and James compete in the finals at the Bangers and Mashups International Hip Hop Competition. September 6, 2016 to TBA Piper gives Riley an ultimatum to tell James about her kiss with Alfie. Amy tries to help LaTroy deal with being alone at the farm. Michelle and Cassie challenge Henry and LaTroy to teach them some new hip-hop tricks. Meanwhile, Michelle wants Alfie to help her bolster her concentration skills on the dance floor; and Sloane gets pranked by Amy and Cassie. With Sloane disqualified and Michelle injured, The Next Step does not have enough dancers to dance in the final, if they make it there. Amy makes LaTroy a proposition, but things get complicated when Sloane discovers new feelings; West and Eldon have an adventure in London. Season 4 was officially announced by Frank van Keeken on April 6, 2015.

The new A-troupe dancers are revealed, and Piper decides to form a club with her nervous fellow newbies. Riley asks James for some space to sort out her feelings for Alfie. But when Michelle shows up ready to dance, Riley has to make a heart-breaking decision and side-line one of the dancers who was about to compete. The Next Step competes in the sudden death trio round. The new season will also feature guest appearances from the musicians of Lost & Found Music Studios. Michelle pushes herself before the trio dance in order to be ready.

Some will succeed, some will stumble, and they will struggle with the question: Is what is best for the team, best for me? [2], "Season four of The Next Step welcomes a new group of talented young dancers including Giuseppe Bausilio as Alfie; Alexandra Chaves as Piper; Erika Prevost as Sloane; Akiel Julien as LaTroy; Isaiah Peck as Henry; Shelby Bain as Amy; and Allie Goodbun as Cassie. Michelle and Riley have a lunch date and take a walk down memory lane. Emily shows up to help Riley get The Next Step to Regionals.

September 26, 2016 to February 12, 2017 Henry teaches Amanda a secret skill. James comes home because he is concerned about Piper. Skylar struggles to find her place on A-Troupe. "[2], The Next Step - Season 3 Opening 3 (SPOILER WARNING), The Next Step - Season 4 Opening (Contains Spoilers), The Next Step Season 4 - Official Trailer, The Next Step Season 4- Interview with Jiley, The Next Step Season 4 - Official Trailer 2, The Next Step Season 4- Take It To The Top Trailer, The Next Step - Season 4.5 Trailer (Contains Spoilers). Michelle is so focussed on her solo, she disappoints her trio teammates.

LaTroy spends time with both Sloane and Amy. Cassie is made the alternate dancer but still tries to help the team. Riley is confused by her feelings towards Alfie. Due to a misreading of the rules, the solo round is not what they expected. James, Eldon, and West compete in the first round of the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza in London. Meanwhile, a nervous Amanda wants to let Noah how she feels about him; Noah conceals his back injury; and Sloane tries to lift everyone's spirits by throwing a bash at the studio. Reeling from her humiliation in the trio competition, Sloane seeks help from the Zero Percent Club. [1] Filming began on September 14 and finished on December 11 in 2015, although some extra scenes were filmed in early 2016. Piper struggles to keep the fact that she saw Riley and Alfie kiss to herself. February 15, 2016 to May 12, 2017 Noah invites Amanda on a pre-date, and she seizes the opportunity to figure out his true feelings for her. At the afternoon auditions, guest choreographer Stephanie has her last dance at The Next Step. Riley decides to assign a trio competition to prepare for the first Regionals qualifier. Riley chooses the five dancers that will compete in the qualifier.

Main cast Miss Kate and the A-Troupe dancers hold an open house for prospective new dancers wishing to attend the studio. The Next Step is a Canadian teen drama series created by Frank van Keeken and … Emily tries to get to the bottom of the problem with the Qualifier duet. Riley asks the dancers to review each other, but things don't go as planned. (l-r) Amy, Cassie, Sloane, LaTroy, Richelle, Alfie, Riley, James, Piper, Michelle, Amanda, Noah, Henry, Skylar

As James prepares to leave for London, an overwhelmed Riley wonders if she's taken on too much as the head of the studio.


West receives a mysterious package from London, England, which leads to a big surprise for the bros. Noah takes a break from dance to work on his music in Studio-A, and enlists the help of a reluctant Amanda. Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza, Bangers and Mashups International Hip Hip Competition,, Madeline Beaton as a Dance Extreme dancer, Kailin Mackenzie Brown as an unnamed dancer, Julia D'Angela as a Sean Boutilier dancer, Mikayla Richard as a Dance Extreme dancer, Myranda Ryckman as a Dance Extreme dancer, Brigitte Turnbull as a Rythum Plus dancer, Tamia Heron Villaroel as a Dance Inc. dancer, This season has the most episodes out of all the seasons in, In this season, the characters seem self-aware to some extent, as they introduce the "Previously on" segment in front of a camera at the beginning of episodes, as opposed to a voice-over like in previous and future seasons.

January 9, 2017 to March 16, 2017 Season 4 was officially announced by Frank van Keeken on April 6, 2015. Chronology James is surprised to see a familiar face at the open house. Release The team competes in the duet round and if they win, they go to semi-finals. Riley learns that Alfie is hiding a big secret, and his future at The Next Step is in jeopardy. LaTroy seeks out Amy's help to be the best dancer he can be.

LaTroy makes a decision he has been dreading. The first episode of season 4.0 aired on February 15, 2016, at 5:30 pm et/pt on Family Channel in Canada. Riley tells James about the kiss. Amy and Sloane get assigned an uncomfortable task. Sloane helps Jude from Lost & Found with his music video. Riley makes a decision about her relationship with James.

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