tank thrasher ready 2 rumble

tank thrasher ready 2 rumble

Intro II. Ready 2 Rumble FAQ Final Version FAQ Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com) CONTENTS I. Ready 2 Rumble takes full advantage of the Dreamcast's advanced technology, and it shows. Places to get this FAQ V. Legend VI. Thanks Section and Disclaimer III. Reach: 80" (7') Height: 6'4" Description: A little on the heavy side, but nevertheless Tank is one mean boxer. Basics a. Punching b. In Round 2, you can earn up to three RUMBLE levels, the color of the letters will go from yellow (level 1), Red (level 2), and finally White (level 3) When you are in Rumble Mode, your power is increased. Rumble Mode VIII. Version History IV. Defense c. Taunting VII. Moves List a. Selene Strike b. Boris "The Bear Knokimov c. Salua Tua d. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing . Tank Thrasher ----- Age: 26 Weight: 290 lbs. Tank Thrasher; Class Champ: 80097C5A 0003; Rank Champ: 80097C5C 0000; Fights Left Modifier: 80097C5E 00?? Select "Championship Mode" from the main menu. Just the right size for boxing. He doesn't really care about his own safety, but rather on getting rid the safety of his opponents. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Gino Stiletto , Arcade mode - YouTube Bronze class. Press the L and R triggers to enter Rumble Mode once you have one or more Rumble levels built up.

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