synergy testing and commissioning

synergy testing and commissioning

Our services include customer service and administrative work, maintenance, and installation. The quality of the work too is supreme. 6. We and our group are expertise for three-D model creation. These guys have good knowledge about the full current supply. focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Vel Tech Technical University. This agency will not continue the test and balance if conditions are observed that are hazardous to the water system. Indoor tests will be performed when outside noise levels are near minimum. Strainers and piping are free from debris, cleaned and flushed. After reviewing all project requirements with your team, Synergy quickly develops an initial design and proposal. Air Handler Unit data tested and recorded: 7. Synergy is wholly owned by Facility Commissioning Group principals. Testing and Commissioning Our experienced Installers are well trained to carry out the required testing and commissioning activities on the installed pipes. The test area will be furnished in its normal manner. If the level of the total noise measured is less than 2 dB higher than the background noise, the level of the background noise is too high for an accurate measurement. Synergy quickly develops an initial design and engineering proposal based on a comprehensive review of all project requirements with your team. VCB, and their associated controls, Confirm that building vibration sources, such as an elevator, that might interfere with the test is off. AABC National Standards for Total System Balance, 7th Edition serve as the basis for our development of procedures and protocols. Existing Synergy clients may order test kits through normal online channels. Synergy is experienced in MEP fit-outs for Oil and Gas corporate offices, gyms and retail shops having done numerous projects over a span of 8 yrs. Discharge and Suction Pressures at full flow, Discharge and Suction Pressures at block off (where possible). Converting Energy to Synergy Strong and long-lasting organizations are built when professional experience merges with the ambition and energy of young professional engineers. Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Fire Protection System cabling, Network cabling, CC TV cabling. Did tremendous work. When system static pressure has been reached tighten the set-screw on the inlet slide gate. We have 20 years of Experience in Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment. A formal timeline for design review and revisions, equipment sourcing, installation, and commissioning is created and agreed upon. Terminal coils installed, piped correctly, and accessible. Using “pump shutoff head” and its operating curve verify pump impeller size where practical. Installation, Testing and commissioning Take care to avoid over-pressurization. Connect flexible duct to duct system and confirm a sealed tight connection. In 2018, Sean moved to Florida to support Synergy’s work efforts in Tampa. Calculate total duct system surface area if leakage class is used. Synergy Power ( offers professional services in Electrical, Instrumentation & Control of Design and Engineering, Testing and Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, System study, Audit and Third party inspection of electrical power systems of all voltage levels. Will do everything what u prefer and also gives the best suggestions for the better results. Wish all the luck to the team in their future projects. Connect flexible duct to orifice tube and confirm a sealed tight connection. Brian C. Crissman Project Executive, The Christman Company No correction will be required if the difference is greater than 10 dB. Adjust and calibrate the VAV flow rate controllers to the required minimum and maximum CFM. AABC National Standards for Total System Balance, 7th Edition serve as the basis for our development of procedures and protocols. Test and adjust diffusers, registers, and grilles to distribution pattern and design requirements. Synergy’s design process is not only fast, it’s extremely thorough. In fact, clients using this service benefit from streamlined progress and minimum hassle — ensuring higher levels of satisfaction. Balancing devices are set to the full open position. Hydronic balance procedures will be in accordance with AABC Standards. Confirm that construction equipment that might interfere with the test is turned off. The test area must be cleared of all persons except test personnel. Project Management and Commissioning We provide a full range of project management and commissioning services, consistent with best practices for high-availability IT environments.

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