superman vs darkseid legacy

superman vs darkseid legacy

Darkseid is supposedly benevolent and wants only to bring order to the universe. But if you know that,how do you believe in God? There are strong similarities between this episode and ". We forgot to mention the brainwashed Superman is in a relationship with Lashina, not unlike Amazing Grace in the Legends crossover issues of the Superman titles, from the late 80s. @alucard2099: this is a clear win for darkseid but im a huge fan of LoK series so if you make any more with the characters of the series I'll be on the look out. While that is true, the only problem is that same statement can also be said about Kain being far too hax and complex for Darkseid who usually takes down essentially the same type of comic and cosmic characters most of the time. I could beat Jesus as could many people on this website, i would kill him and spit on his corpse for creating his terrible legacy. De plus, Darkseid est capable de projeter diverses formes d’énergies dont l’Effet Omega grâce à ses yeux. Darkseid calls Superman his son Kal-El and tells him that as a reward for defeating the alien world, he'll get his own planet to rule: Earth. The soldier returns to Darkseid onboard his flagship and removes his mask. She witnesses Superman trying to escape and free Supergirl but he is subsequently captured. Jesus is a historical figure that has been confirmed in numerous other documents.,, This finale's events was one of the seminal factors leading to, Superman's rampage is referenced in several subsequent series: the, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (Blu-ray only), In the commentary, Bruce Timm stated that, In addition, there was originally supposed to be a. Is this Darkseid versus comic book depictions of Jesus? Hercules. Darkseid can't take out Jesus he'll just keep coming back from the dead. Superman and Darkseid sure seem to fight one another a lot, don't they? Because again, I am real. Didn't Jesus traveled to hell in order to save some souls? If Jesus can turn water into whine, he'll even turn Galactus into dog sh!t.......... @Bossmonster: OE warps him out of the battlefield or kills him outright. As you said, he went into them with Gods Blessing. While Kain's TK and pyrokinetic abilities may not be much threat to Darksied, they could help to throw him off balance. However, it is then revealed that Darkseid only wishes to have Superman attack Earth, so that the military forces would be united to destroy him. She and Superman escape from his cell but Superman insists that they save Supergirl before leaving. Jesus would allow Darkseid to kill him so Jesus could absolve Darkseid of his sins. Darkseid wins with casual ease. Il est pratiquement invulnérable grâce à sa force illimitée, il est insensbile au temps et à la maladie, et sa vitesse et son agilité sont au moins égales à celles de Superman. Superman is outraged at Supergirl wearing his symbol but fighting against him. Kara sees a news report about Superman and a legion of Parademons attack a NATO base. "Legacy" is a two-parter consisting of the second and third episodes of the fourth season of Superman: The Animated Series, and the 53rd and 54th of the overall series. How the hell are they gonna kill Kain when the only guy who could is locked up in his sword?? Superman has definitely built up a wider rogues gallery than Sentry and defeated all of them at some point. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Eyes Have It. Let him come. Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Darkseid can`t BFR Kain because he travels through dimensions and even when he did so against Batman it merely sent him through time it did not really kill him or disintegrate him, and it also has nothing to do with Superman being protected by the Source/Presence there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the Omega Beams in conjunction with Darkseid`s character. While the details and deity of that man's life are open to interpretation, the actuality of a Jesus who was well-known in that territory at that time, and who was executed, is simply not open for debate. Thanos would get erased with the OE with...DS is one guy Thanos does not want to **** with. Superman proves tired due to lack of Sunlight and his previous battles and though he lands some powerful blows, Darkseid quickly gains the advantage and pummels Superman around with relative ease.

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