music therapy programs for seniors

music therapy programs for seniors

Music is also easy to find. This might be through an app or even just on a printed sheet of paper. The small group session was for Uncle Anthony and two other residents. Services like Spotify and Pandora allow you to stream music, offering many playlists for you to choose from. Filed Under: Blog, Caregiving, Mood and Mental Health, Movement and Exercise for Seniors, Ways to Age Well Tagged With: Music. In addition to working well with seniors living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, music therapy has been found to benefit people who are recovering from traumatic brain injuries, people who have autism, and people with Parkinson’s Disease. Here at Kapok, we’ve chosen to use this tree as a homage to caregivers and a reminder of the strength that we all carry. Instructions are provided to your family, client, and the care team members. There is an app called SingFit that is specifically designed for music therapy at home. The best way is simply for you to get involved as well. Kapok’s mission is to guide older adults, caregivers, and their families through the challenges that come with aging, addressing cultural disparities and unusual situations along the way. During the past year, Uncle Anthony began to attend sessions at the MusicWorks Havertown location every Saturday. Everyone has their own music preferences. You also need to consider the music that you play. You may also need to provide the lyrics in some way. She always had Irish music playing while I helped with the housework. You might even create multiple playlists. The idea works surprisingly well for people with dementia, as they retain a rhythmic instinct. This is something that you can do at home as well. We design a customized playlist and the music is uploaded into a music player (mp3). A family member shares the benefit of music therapy: “MusicWorks came into my uncle’s life several years ago and remained in his life right up until his recent passing. 2. How Can Seniors Stay Healthy During the Pandemic. My mother also enjoys playing the instruments and singing the songs that remind her of the good times from her past.”. The video below offers a short introduction and the app is very easy to use. You can find the app on the iTunes Store if you just want to download it and figure things out for yourself. You can also follow some of the principles of music therapy at home. That’s where music therapy activities for seniors come in. You can even just use the tops of cardboard boxes as makeshift drums. Another idea is to work with the senior to develop a playlist that is uniquely tuned to them – one that will make them feel good. Doing it together is important, as helps reduce any self-consciousness.

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