metalloproteins examples

metalloproteins examples

00:22:30.25 If you don't have the radical you can't do chemistry,

00:07:13.28 and a little bit about the origin of life Doxycycline, at subantimicrobial doses, inhibits MMP activity, and has been used in various experimental systems for this purpose, such as for recalcitrant recurrent corneal erosions.

00:16:15.07 To make the vitamin biotin that we all need, 00:13:19.09 So, one of the things I told you about 00:21:03.17 of the fact that cobalamin, or B12,

The contribu, to metal specificity in bacterial metal sensors is predicted to be especially, Another prediction is that extra ligands may ha, to some sensory metal sites to lure the wrong metals into non-pr, binding configurations.

00:03:09.18 is very important in the global carbon cycle. 00:01:57.14 I don't have the whole thing up there Cobalt and molybdenum are found almost, Cell & Molecular Biosciences, Medical School, Newcastle University, .
00:29:12.24 We also have electron microscopy. 00:39:32.20 When you put it in the X-ray beam, 00:00:42.03 which is small angle X-ray scattering or SAXS,

00:22:29.01 as isolated should be in a Co(II) state,

00:24:03.02 So, recently I ask Nozomi,

00:26:50.21 and so we know this is the form of RNR 00:18:30.02 the intensity from the scatting, 00:18:02.17 of different conformations we could observe. 00:07:46.07 So, what are the key questions about this step?

00:02:24.22 And that acetyl, or acetate, This contains a conserved cysteine residue that interacts with the zinc in the active site and prevents binding and cleavage of the substrate, keeping the enzyme in an inactive form. In order to determine preferred coordination geometries of six divalent cations (Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, Zn2+, Cd2+, and Hg2+), two sources of experimental data were exploited: Protein Data Bank and Cambridge Structural Database.

00:35:29.24 Here's that di-iron site that I mentioned in here, 2b). 00:10:21.21 this RNR as a target for that, 00:21:16.18 And what we can do is calculate 00:08:10.25 and so there are two of them here

00:33:59.08 but it isn't, you know, this beautiful sphere around them, 00:18:33.19 and then over here, again, 00:15:28.13 and it also has this iron-sulfur cluster domain down here, 00:02:11.07 But if you're Moorella thermoacetica, 00:28:49.09 in your snapshot. 00:39:43.17 many, many crystals, 00:12:01.27 So what do we want to do? 00:08:39.24 So there's overall activity regulation. 00:22:10.27 and physiological concentrations of dATP, 00:27:02.12 is right at that interface, 00:08:36.26 The B12 is shown here in magenta. 00:26:25.07 moving toward our folic acid,

00:19:35.12 that you do not want to have happen, 00:31:31.02 like iron because it's very heavy, 00:02:13.10 you're thinking "Lunch." 00:06:29.09 that makes methionine,

00:12:40.09 So I told my data about conformation changes, 00:05:43.08 that measured a distance of about 35 Ångstroms

Multifunctional compounds designed to target multiple disease processes have emerged as promising therapeutic options, and recent reports detailing multifunctional metal-binding compounds, as well as discrete metal complexes, will be discussed. 00:05:01.23 without metallocofactors.

00:20:39.18 that you have under assay conditions

00:09:20.00 and my father was a retired medical doctor, 00:03:52.24 so it's a very energy-efficient pathway,

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