lake dillon fireworks 4th of july 2020

lake dillon fireworks 4th of july 2020

The Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee requires permits for all special events and commercial activities; call Summit County at 970-668-4213. This evening of giving will include dinner, dancing and live and silent auctions. Prepare to spend some time in town to wait out the traffic. Motorized vehicles, including automobiles and motorcycles must be licensed and remain on designated roadways. 10 A.M. - Red White and Blue Drive-Through. Always operate your boat defensively, watch out for the other boats and use courtesy on the water. Have you visited recently or planning to visit soon?

9 A.M. - 2 P.M. - Farmers Market A new take on our classic parade, this event brings all the essential elements of a patriotic procession to the neighborhoods of Steamboat Springs. Vessels equipped with an above-transom exhaust are not allowed. Fishing boats, sailboats, kayaks and canoes can be rented at area shops. Please give us feedback.

West of Town Map.

Restaurants are offering family and picnic packages, grab-n-go options, and craft cocktails to go! Saturday, July 4. All hand launched boat ramps have been closed. Be observant and use caution while boating. Enjoy the fresh air, great food, and opt outside this Fourth of July. Waterfowl hunting is allowed in the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area (DRRA) boundaries strictly in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

To access Frisco Bay Marina: Take Frisco exit 203 to Highway 9. Help us improve your recreation experience! It is unlawful to use, light or ignite fireworks or explosives of any type, except by permit from the management committee.

For more information call the chamber at 256-825-4019, United Way at 256-329-3600 or The Rodeo CLub at 256-825-7503.

Though many of our traditional events can’t take place this year, we want to pause, reflect, and celebrate the many reasons we love our country and mountain town by bringing together residents and visitors while protecting the health and safety of our community. Campgrounds are operated by concessionaires and require U.S. Forest Service permits. If your building has been shut down for a prolonged period beware of water stagnation. Special events: Marinas host regattas and other events, fireworks highlight the Fourth of July and Frisco hosts winter Gold Rush activities. We are upgrading and modernizing the northern portion of our water system. To access Dillon Marina: Take Silverthorne exit 205 to Highway 6. Events Calendar Frisco, Dillon & Silverthorne, Colorado. The Old Dillon Reservoir trail connects to the lake which supplied drinking water for the old town. We ask you please follow these guidelines throughout your stay in Steamboat Springs. What's Happening Now, Next Week, or Next Month, OPEN for Summer 2020 - Call Status Line (970) 586-1222, East Shore Trail Along Shadow Mountain Reservoir, East Shore Trail to the Historic Lookout Tower on Shadow Mountain.

Join the Town of Grand Lake for our famous 4th of July Celebration!

Camping on islands is prohibited.

We suggest hanging out on a local patio, like.

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