jimmy cao skateboarder

jimmy cao skateboarder

Find more music by Beat$ By Dojo here: All rights reserved. Keep up with us on insta @shieldlessmag and find even more content at shieldlessmag.com. 1-800-273-8255, Episode 24 is live and we have a special guest, friend of the mag Mubarak Ra'oof on the line with us. Read our article "The Skateboarder's Guide To Coronavirus Quarantine" here: Find more content at shieldlessmag.com. Follow Tyrone and his endeavors @tboneolson_tclips and @scarredskateboards. https://open.spotify.com/artist/0vyy1LFijBtY43CrdyOBx4, In this episode we call up Mike McCarley of Jivaro Wheels. I don’t know what to say, he just left. Is someone asks you why Gustav is your favorite skater right now, just direct the ... Geoff Rowley, Harold Hunter, Bobby Puleo, the Philly Metrospective, and more! Win free stuff and be in the know first about sales, discounts, upcoming contests, and SPoT news. Keep up with Rolling For Rights SD for future events @rollingforrightssd on Instagram. In episode 8 of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag Reuben and Nick catch up with professional skateboarder Jimmy Cao. We discuss growing up in Arizona, riding for Zero, filming for Damn It All, his head-knocking slam at Bust or Bail, and solo quarantine sessions. Find more music by Beat$ By Dojo here: We also discuss her winning the DC Shoes #dcstayposted Instagram contest, her crew winning the fan favorite award from Thrasher at the Skate Witches’ “Witch Hunt” last year, her love for movies and much more! Find more music like the intro song in this episode by Tome at: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window). Friday, July 12, 2013. Mike started Jivaro out of Shrunken Head skate shop back in 2006 and has kept it small and core for the last 14 years. Then did Willy help you out in your career and give you advice?He was definitely a big mentor. If you like the episode find us on Instagram @shieldlessmag and keep up with Connor on Instagram @cgetzlaff. Was Willy Santos an influence on you being from there?Definitely, first of all he’s Asian, I was like, “Sick! TransWorld SKATEboarding has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Thoughts on Smolik quitting? Find more content and episodes at shieldlessmag.com. It just felt right. When the Sk8mafia Am Video [2009] came out, it seemed like you were missing.Yeah, I was like fuck man, these are my boys. Music by TOME, find their music here: https://tomeus.bandcamp.com/album/tome, For episode lucky number 13, Nick and Reuben phone up their good friend Dave McKinney. Life hammer right there [laughs]. Skatepark of Tampa: A crusty little warehouse in Tampa, Florida with the best service and selection in skateboarding since 1993. We set it off in this episode with Nick Shields and Reuben Barrack, the cofounders and co-creators of Shieldless Magazine. I would always go with my family, but recently I got to go on a skate trip, my first time bringing my board, and dude, there are some spots out there. You get cutting-edge articles written by active skaters; tips on the latest tricks; profiles of the best riders; and the amazing in-your-face photography we're known for. Theme song by Connor Getzlaff, @cgetzlaff, In episode 8 of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag Reuben and Nick catch up with professional skateboarder Jimmy Cao. Watch Tyler Surrey’s parts. This is one of our favorite calls so far so we hope you enjoy! EMAIL US AT info@skateparkoftampa.com with any questions for a quick reply. Keep up with Lefty on Instagram @lefthesh. Tune in and enjoy. Whitey Panda Team Deck Assorted Woodgrain $54.95, Spitfire I was skating at Canyonside Park in PQ, we were skating a six-stair handrail. I was like, what the fuck, these kids are retarded. Find more music by Nosnibborm 2.0 on Spotify: Why did you want to send a tape to Hubba Wheels?First of all, Hubba Wheels had the illest ads [laughs]! https://nami.org/ Sum up the skate scene in San Diego.No spots, lots of homies, good weather [laughs]. Sign Up For Our Newsletter . He didn’t really tell me, I just watched through him. He just goes for days. Follow Whitaker on Youtube here: Buy Jimmy's pro board here: I started getting boards from Jay Henry, he was a Zoo York rep. Then Nick Lamm sent a tape to Hubba Wheels for me. https://soundcloud.com/beatsbydojo, Welcome to Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag where your hosts Nick Shields and Reuben Barrack speak with skaters in the midst of quarantine to catch up and talk skateboarding. Did you leave Finesse or get kicked off?I think I left. Find more of Ed's photos and much more content at shieldlessmag.com. Black Cat, Maple video. Tune in to hear from one of San Diego’s finest and get some tips along the way. Follow us on Instagram @shieldlessmag to keep up. Cao introduced the video by saying: "I picked Jerry's part, because he's got good style, sick trick selection, and he's just fun to watch." Here's the kick-off part from the always ripping Samuel Norgren. https://shieldlessmag.com/pushing-the-hype/  Check out thesellerdoor.com We end the episode off with not one but two giveaways! spots, his old skate zine Typical Culture, his current extracurricular of running his own youtube vlog, and much much more. Hippie Surrey with his long-ass hair. musicians via touring and gigs. Wes was pretty outspoken about it! https://soundcloud.com/beatsbydojo, In this episode of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag, Reuben and Nick call up local San Diego ripper Trisha Mendez. I'm 5'7 but i'm 14 years old . Find more music from Connor's band Space Wax on Bandcamp: PHOTO / Blair (click to enlarge). So Gabe Clement [DVS TM at the time] was instrumental in getting you on Sk8mafia?Yeah, but [Josh] Preebz was always down, even years before, he was always, “Jimmy, let me know when you’re ready man. We check in and see what he's been up to during quarantine, how the married father life is treating him, if he's been skating and much more. He was like, would you rather get flowed from City Skateboards? Read about Trisha’s crew in our article “ The Hype” here:  The TM at the time asked if I had a board sponsor and I told him I was getting rep flow from Zoo York. Wes said he went fishing with you and your mom off the OB pier and you guys caught like 40 mackerel and your mom was schooling you on fishing. How good is Jamie Palmore really in person? Favorite Mafia graphic of all time.Probably the Kosmo Kramer/Kremer graphic. Tune in for all this and more in episode 12. https://shieldlessmag.com/the-skateboarders-guide-to-coronavirus-quarantine/ Also keep up with Shieldless @shieldlessmag. We also reminisce about our dear friend Marc "Shockus" Delellis, cover some current affairs, and talk about his former board brand Anthem Skateboards. “9AM TO 3PM THEY WOULD HAVE DOLLAR GAMES. Check out our episode of Caffeine & Green here: We also get into some general shop talk about different brands and what the kids are into these days. Find more music by Beat$ By Dojo here: Thank you to Bryan Phillips for the Punk version of our jingle. Going out, getting footage, get photos, try and be productive when you can. What’s the story with the bowling ball Wes and P-Kid got you? Best skatepark in San Diego: Scroll on through and then get out there in the field! Find more at shieldlessmag.com. We discuss the beginning of protests and seeing skateboarders on the news. Last Update: https://blacklivesmatter.com/ SKATEPARK OF TAMPA4215 E. Columbus Dr.Tampa FL 33605813.621.6793. "Quarantine Call with Shieldless Mag" was created to check in on our friends and see how they have been affected by the COVID-19 virus and the mandated quarantines that have ensued. Open main menu button. Nice work. Check out more at shieldlessmag.com. We talk about how this will affect skateboarders and the industry as a whole. Best Asian skater, all time:Willy Santos [laughs]. Skateboarder Jul-10 A magazine made by people who live and breathe nothing but skateboarding. https://soundcloud.com/beatsbydojo, For episode 20 of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag  we catch up with our friend and professional skateboarder Shuriken Shannon. Chris is a professional skateboarder currently residing in San Diego, California known for countless mind-blowing video parts and many many contest wins. We start off our discussion with how the Coronavirus quarantine has affected Bryan, and what he’s been up to during this time. Check out our article "The Skateboarder's Guide to Coronavirus Quarantine" here: We’ll do it.”. Jimmy is well known for having many video parts released for the San Diego based company Sk8mafia. Thank you for signing up. View … jimmy cao is pretty short too when i met him I got 5 on it. Check out our article "The Skateboarder's Guide to Coronavirus Quarantine" here: We go over some of the highlights from running our website and doing interviews and videos over the last year. Follow us on Instagram @shieldlessmag and keep up with Chris @chriscobracole. Asian pro skater!” I got hyped on that and then his skating in general was always awesome, always technical and smooth. We call him the marathon man. Check out The Black List to support Black-owned skateboard companies here: I skated for them for a while, I went up to SF a bunch and met Tony [Vitello]. We check in and see what he's been up to during quarantine, how the married father life is treating him, if he's been skating and much more. We also discuss skating in ankle weights, filming for the Pig Wood Slaughterhouse  video, skating on stage with Lil Wayne, and getting a pro model shoe back in the day. He put it down for Brandon Cortez' ... Bonestalone, Juan Pablo Velez, TalKual and Carlo Carezzano star in NK’s sixth ful ... Let’s get skateboarding out of rollerblader hands. Find more content at shieldlessmag.com and follow us @shieldlessmag. Low-key, best skateboarder ever, guaranteed. https://soundcloud.com/beatsbydojo, Welcome back to Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag, on this episode Reuben and Nick phone up Jason Carney, owner of Slappy’s Garage Skateshop in San Diego, California. See more content at shieldlessmag.com. We also discuss Dowdy buying his first home, some tips and secrets to building d.i.y. My parents drove down when I was three months old to San Diego and I’ve been here ever since. Follow us @shieldlessmag and find more content at shieldlessmag.com. https://shieldlessmag.com/the-skateboarders-guide-to-coronavirus-quarantine/, In Episode two of Quarantine Call With Shieldless Mag , cofounders Nick Shields and Reuben Barrack call up tattoo artist, musician, and skateboarder Connor Getzlaff. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Pusher Bearings' European squad hit the South of Spain and came back with th ... By Alex van Zwietering featuring Jair Gravenberch and Billy Hoogendijk. https://www.youtube.com/user/TypicalCulture Dave has worked many jobs in the skate industry including owning some of his own brands but currently works as the Cut and Sew Apparel Developer at NHS distribution. Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. Shuriken also shares some memories of the late P-stone and Jake Phelps from his time with them on Thrasher's 2007 King Of The Road, including when Phelps threw an apple at his head after landing a trick he was battling for! https://shieldlessmag.com/lefty-premiere-photos/ Scroll on through and then get out there in the field! We also talk about his web series for Thrasher "Mind Of Marius" as well as riding for Habitat shoes and Osiris back in the day, we ask him about going on Wes Kremer's SOTY trip back in 2014 and he also shares some golden Fred Gall stories with us as well. Have you been to Vietnam?I used to go a lot when I was younger, I first went when I was five years old, then I would go every three years after that. We get into why Schmitty started his podcast, working at Thrasher for the last twenty years, remembering his close friends he’s recently lost, working on a China Banks documentary, filming some of the gnarliest skateboarding and much much more! Marshall got the shitty end of it and it was my fault for sure. Win free stuff and be in the know first about sales, discounts, upcoming contests, and SPoT news.

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