has a team with a losing record ever made the mlb playoffs

has a team with a losing record ever made the mlb playoffs

This is, mathematically, too many teams. The droughts from here on out begin to approach the average lifespan of Americans, so there’s a good chance even lifelong fans have never seen these teams win titles. Barry Bonds and all his controversial home runs couldn’t even get the team over the hump in his prime. Even more than Browns fans, members of the Tribe have felt the sting of a championship drought for many years. The Titans came within a single, heartbreaking yard of winning a Super Bowl in 1999 but the St. Louis Rams crushed their hopes. They’d win more games in 2008 and reach the postseason again, but they’d get swept then, too, by the Dodgers ... and wouldn’t return until Theo Epstein was in charge in 2015. The shortest streak on our list is 49 seasons without a championship, while the longest ones span more than 100 years. with a losing team making the playoffs in an expanded field, and it wouldn’t necessarily irk me if a sub-.500 club makes it in any year with such an extended playoff bracket. One of the longest droughts in MLB history belongs to the Texas Rangers, who have never won a World Series. That team won a World Series in 1924, which would be the franchise’s last for 62 seasons. After the team won the 1917 World Series, the White Sox became infamous as the “Black Sox” when it was discovered that the team threw the 1919 World Series at the behest of gambling kingpins. [a] Defunct BAA/NBA franchises are also listed, provided they played at least one season, beginning with the 1949–50 NBA season, which was the first season following the merger between the BAA and the National Basketball League (NBL). with it. You can follow him on Twitter @KennyKellyWords, and you can read the rest of the Learning R series here. It was just as likely for a 29-win team to get a wild card spot as it was for a 33-win team to get one. Losing is something that all professional sports franchises have had in common at some point in their history. Despite being an NFL franchise since 1968, the Cincinnati Bengals have never been able to hoist a championship banner. The upside is that your local GM/president can no longer explain away not trying to win as a way of buying three to five years of non-competitiveness and raving about “future wins." The downside is that I can’t simulate an entire postseason with one line of code. The team only won a single division title from 1969 to 2004, when it was in Canada. 1988 - Oakland Athletics over Boston Red Sox (4-0)1990 - Oakland Athletics over Boston Red Sox (4-0)1995 - Atlanta Braves over Cincinnati Reds (4-0)1998 - San Diego Padres over Atlanta Braves (4-2)1999 - Atlanta Braves over New York Mets (4-2)2004 - Boston Red Sox (down 0-3) over New York Yankees (4-3)2006 - Detroit Tigers over Oakland Athletics (4-0)2007 - Colorado Rockies over Arizona Diamondbacks (4-0)2012 - Detroit Tigers over New York Yankees (4-0)2014 - Kansas City Royals over Baltimore Orioles (4-0)2015 - New York Mets over Chicago Cubs (4-0), 1907 - Chicago Cubs over Detroit Tigers (4-0-1)1910 - Philadelphia Athletics over Chicago Cubs (4-1)1914 - Boston Braves over Philadelphia Athletics (4-0)1922 - New York Giants over New York Yankees (4-0-1)1927 - New York Yankees over Pittsburgh Pirates (4-0)1928 - New York Yankees over St. Louis Cardinals (4-0)1932 - New York Yankees over Chicago Cubs (4-0)1937 - New York Yankees over New York Giants (4-1)1938 - New York Yankees over Chicago Cubs (4-0)1939 - New York Yankees over Cincinnati Reds (4-0)1950 - New York Yankees over Philadelphia Phillies (4-0)1954 - New York Giants over Cleveland Indians (4-0)1963 - Los Angeles Dodgers over New York Yankees (4-0)1966 - Baltimore Orioles over Los Angeles Dodgers (4-0)1970 - Baltimore Orioles over Cincinnati Reds (4-1)1976 - Cincinnati Reds over New York Yankees (4-0)1989 - Oakland Athletics over San Francisco Giants (4-0)1990 - Cincinnati Reds over Oakland Athletics (4-0)1998 - New York Yankees over San Diego Padres (4-0)1999 - New York Yankees over Atlanta Braves (4-0)2004 - Boston Red Sox over St. Louis Cardinals (4-0)2005 - Chicago White Sox over Houston Astros (4-0)2007 - Boston Red Sox over Colorado Rockies (4-0)2012 - San Francisco Giants over Detroit Tigers (4-0). The first lengthy drought on our list that actually came to an end was that of the Brooklyn Dodgers. A losing team that’s simply demoralized? with it this year—and going forward? … The MLB team that has won the 2nd most World Series is the St. Louis Cardinals. To prepare us for some seemingly lopsided postseason matchups, today we take a look at the teams with the six worst regular-season records to make the postseason in the Wild Card Era ... and how they fared. Losing is something that all professional sports franchises have had in common at some point in their history. Last week, with some code stolen borrowed from Jim Albert, I found that when the playoffs were expanded to 16 teams in a 60-game season, the most common win total for a Wild Card team was 31. The famously unlucky team was a loser for 52 seasons — and even longer if you go back to the pre-World Series days — before finally snapping that streak in 1955.

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