fortunato gattellari

fortunato gattellari

A trial date of August 2014 was set, before Justice Megan Latham. McGurk, a Scottish-born Australian businessman, was murdered by a single gunshot to his head on 3 September 2009 outside his Cremorne, Sydney family home. [14] Reports of the financial relationship between Medich and Richardson varied, with McGurk alleging to Herald journalists that Richardson was on a retainer of $25,000 per month,[15] whereas Medich claimed that Richardson was being paid $5,000 per month. For nine years he didn’t see a tree. [13] Eagle Street Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Brisbane-based H&G Corporate, had a registered mortgage over the assets of Bentley Smythe Mortgage Fund No 1. “It was by no means the Crown’s case that he was going to present false proof within the Medich trial,” famous Choose Hock. Fortunato "Lucky" Gattellari (60), a former Australian, Haissam Safetli (45) – charged with murder of McGurk, Christopher Estephan (20) – charged with murder of McGurk, This page was last edited on 30 September 2020, at 04:24. “You deserted me like a rat off a sinking ship … after all I did for you and got involved in a murder just to satisfy your frustration and anger. Daredevil free climber scales the Shard in London as police are referred to as... Iran makes new nuclear threats that might reverse steps in pact. On 9 September 2009, a motion was carried in the Legislative Council to establish an inquiry into Badgerys Creek land dealings and planning decisions. [46], On 13 October 2010, thirteen months after the murder of McGurk, homicide detectives arrested the following:[38][47][48], It was reported that four days after the murder of McGurk, police seized a number of weapons from Gattellari's home. [49] Court documents lodged by police, allege that some time after 1 May 2009, Gattellari solicited Safetli to murder McGurk and that for more than thirteen months after the killing "did receive, harbour, maintain, and assist" Safetli. Some addicts on the methadone program would take the medication, “spew it up, catch it in a container and sell it on to someone else”, he said. [33] Two weeks prior to his murder, the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the charges,[34] including the alleged firebombing of another property in Queen Street, Beaconsfield, owned by the valuer Stuart Rowan. [16][20], Prior to his death, McGurk was negotiating a property deal for Bob Ell, a BRW Rich 200 billionaire. Gattellari, 69, a former boxer, first tried to defraud Medich in 2013 utilizing the providers of a not too long ago launched armed robber, Bobby McCarthy to demand $10 million and later $15 million. Police alleged that Medich was the mastermind of the murder plot. He was eligible for parole on 12 October 2015. Medich had earlier plead not guilty to both charges. “Higher than I anticipated,” quipped Fortunate Gattellari on studying he will probably be out of jail simply earlier than Christmas following his sentencing for conspiring to extort thousands and thousands of {dollars} from rich property developer Ron Medich. McCarthy acquired a suspended sentence for giving proof in opposition to his former jail mate. [12] Theo Baker, a Sydney telecommunications and financial software millionaire and another BRW Rich 200 member, provided McGurk with a $300,000 loan to retain his black Mercedes S-class, following repossession of the vehicle by a finance company. He said that Samba flew to Sydney to see if he could find someone who could claim the money was theirs. “I by no means as soon as meant to take one cent from Ron Medich. [10], HSBC Australia held a second mortgage over the Cremorne family home. She additionally took into consideration that Gattellari had endured harsh circumstances throughout his 9 years in jail. The sole shareholder of this company is a company whose directors include, Acett – Ron Medich Properties (a company controlled by Medich) made application on 15 April 2009 for Acett to be wound up; and later withdrew the application, The Australian Hotel Group – liquidators were appointed in September 2005. [28], The Sydney Morning Herald also revealed links with Craig Knowles, a former NSW Planning Minister, and with Lucas Neill, a captain of the Socceroos, in McGurk's alleged role as a financial middleman for the set-up of a proposed western Sydney A-League soccer team. Do you remember what that is? While most of the prison officers were decent people, Gattellari named one corrupt officer who was enabling contraband to be smuggled in to favoured prisoners. Public hearings were held on:[43], An interim report was tabled to Parliament on 20 November 2009, and made eleven recommendations with a focus on stronger regulation of contact between planning officials, development proponents and lobbyists. Gattellari says jail is a “living hell” especially as a Crown witness, where you are locked in your cell for up to 22 hours a day. Fortunato "Lucky" Gattellari is already in jail for his role in McGurk's execution. Before his death, Samba was an extremely worried man. Haissam Safetli was arrested in 2010 for his role in the murder of Michael McGurk. Baker's loan was also secured by a mortgage against a city property owned by McGurk's wife. [6] Described by some media agencies as an alcoholic and a heavy cocaine user,[10] McGurk was variously reported as the director of 28 failed or deregistered companies; a standover man, fixer and debt collector; a lender of last resort; negotiator; and a property developer. [40] Richardson stated that McGurk was allegedly trying to blackmail Medich for $8 million and that in about June 2009 Richardson had provided a formal statement to NSW Police. [33] Other charges that were dropped related to the alleged assault on a former employee, Will Manning with a cricket bat and further counts of arson relating to the firebombing of a former business associate's Cremorne property. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. Kimberley McGurk, wife of murdered Michael McGurk, leaves a Sydney court during the murder trial of Ron Medich in 2017. “I'm totally and completely sorry for my involvement in the whole sordid affair.” He said Michael McGurk “could have been the worst bloke in the world … but he had a mother, he had a wife, and he had children … and those are the people I hurt most.”, Kimberley McGurk, wife of murdered Michael McGurk, leaves a Sydney court during the murder trial of Ron Medich in 2017.Credit:Daniel Munoz. [12] According to media reports, McGurk was negotiating on behalf of Ell and for business associates of John Ibrahim to run the downstairs bar area of the Crest in return for an investment of $10–$15 million. You have entered an incorrect email address! Central to the dispute between Tilley, Medich, and McGurk was an agreement for Tilley and Medich to develop land adjoining the Wolseley Road property that could potentially yield Medich $20 million (net). The tax files and pay slips McGurk had provided to obtain the loan had been forged. Samba was not happy about $25,000 in vet bills prior to the horse being euthanised. “He got six months less jail time than me, and this was the guy that did the actual shooting,” he fumed. He was eligible for parole on 13 April 2018 and, after the NSW Parole Board refused parole, Gattellari lodged an appeal against the decision. [10] It was reported that HSBC Australia, as mortgagee in possession, placed a property owned by McGurk, located in Orlando Avenue, Cremorne, up for mortagee sale. Unless they were in for violent crimes, Gattellari said young first offenders should only have six-month sentences because those first months are the worst and you never want to go back to jail. His murder remains unsolved. In his first interview since his arrest and jailing, Gattellari revealed the names and activities of a number of corrupt politicians and a series of insurance frauds, including the death of a racehorse for money. Medich received a hefty insurance payout. He instructed the jury that Gattellari supplied to present false proof in opposition to Medich in return for the cost of thousands and thousands of {dollars} however that Gattellari all the time meant to inform the reality about Medich. [61], In August 2013 Haissam Safetli was sentenced to 6½ years' jail for the murder of McGurk, and another six months for intimidating his widow. Former boxing champ Lucky Gattellari sentenced over role in McGurk killing. n.d., [Biographical cuttings on Fortunato Gattellari 'Lucky', containing one or more cuttings from newspapers or journals] Wikipedia Citation. [46] A public enquiry was held over five days, and commenced on 1 February 2010. It was reported that in April 2008, the company has debts of $4.4 million to 24 creditors. [10] McGurk was reportedly two months in arrears on the $2.4 million mortgage on his Cremorne house to the mortgagee, BankWest. Each males had been on account of be launched final yr, so Choose Hock back-dated their sentences to 6 months previous to that. [19] Costs were awarded against Medich. Other media reports claimed that McGurk died owing millions. Following McGurk's death, Robertson stated that McGurk was representing Medich and that while their $30 million bid for Currawong was the highest, it was conditional on development approval. The former boxer named three former NSW state politicians and a former federal politician who he claims were involved in corrupt deals with Medich. In 2013 Gattellari was given a reduced sentence of 7½ years in return for giving proof in opposition to Medich.

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