exo fansite goods

exo fansite goods

Fan Goods are things such as photobooks, dolls, season’s greetings, sticker sets, or slogans created and distributed by Fansites based in Korea (a few are occasionally based in other countries, like Thailand and China).

First to pay ge, EXO Xiumin/Minseok Fan set fansite goods by Mr. Xiumin, EXO Xiumin/Minseok Fan set by Fansite Mr. Xiumin - 1 Circle fan - 3 Lenticular photocards RFS: Decluttering, Official & Fansite EXO SEHUN Goods / Merch. There have been cases before of people being scammed, by GOM and Fansites alike! [4] The group's two albums, the 2012 debut EP Mama and the 2013 comeback studio album XOXO, were major commercial successes, selling over a million units in total worldwide. Keep in mind that GOM and Fansites are NOT required to help you get cute Fan Goods of your idols. GOM take time out of their own busy lives to help you get the Fan Goods you want! EXO Chanyeol Fansite Slogan -Square slogan with reflective back -picture of Chanyeol was taken during the ElyXiOn Manila stop -like-new condition -includes slogan case Price is slightly negotiable if sure buyer :) MOP: BDO/GCash MOD: Grab/Lalamove/GogoXpress (for MM) GogoXpress (for covered prov, "P.S. Price Rp480,000.00. PHP 450. [EDIT: Thank you for the feature! The money made goes to buying cool gifts given to your idols by the fansite, and sometimes for the fansite to get better equipment/cameras to better capture your idol’s image. They aren’t official releases, but rather goods created BY fans FOR fans. We're taking in orders for EXO Fansite Goods from various fansites in Korea! Fan Goods are things such as photobooks, dolls, season’s greetings, sticker sets, or slogans created and distributed by Fansites based in Korea (a few are occasionally based in other countries, like Thailand and China). The following Fansites have been removed from this list due to inactivity (plus rumors they have dropped EXO for other groups). You will most likely pay in 3 rounds (or 2 if you order directly from the fansite).

Purchased in Summer of 2015. Postcard and Photocard Set (from DOH Heart Fansite). If you are not careful, you can be blacklisted by GOM and Fansites. If you have ever seen unboxings or pictures of really cute photobooks, dolls, or fan slogans of idols that aren’t official releases, you may have wondered what they were. In this google form you will fill out information like your email address, name, PayPal email and account name, etc. Ode to to my D.O by Suaveisland EXO D.O Fansite Photobook and DVD Contains: Photobook (50 pages) DVD ( 3 cd's) File Holder Notebook Pencil Magnetic Sticker Big Poster, EXO Kyungsoo DO FANATICO Fansite goods by DOYOURBEST, All in excellent condition! Entertainment. If you order through a GOM then you will need to pay when you first order your goods so that the manufacturing costs will be covered so that the goods can be produced. also, most fansites sell only through themselves, and not secondary sites. Includes: - Kyungsoo Folded Poster - 4 Kyungsoo Postcards (back to back, b&w other side) - 3 Kyungsoo Photocards ❤️ MOP: BPI Online or GCash, EXO Park Chanyeol PCY 1127 Now and Then Fansite Photocard Set, Most K by Kimkai 4th DVD EXO Kai Fansite Photobook and DVD Contains: Photobook (20 pages) 4 Discs Photocards (10 pcs) Postcards Mini Poster Big Poster Tote bag mop: gcash shipment: lalamove/mr speedy, Wish on your star - Like a star 2nd Photobook Pack EXO D.O Fansite Photobook Contains: Photobook Mini Photobook Fan 1 Big Poster 2 mini Poster, Imagine EXO D.O Photobook Contains: A4 Photobook: 97 pages Medium Photobook: 15 pages Small photobook: 7 pages Fan 2 DVD 3 Poster *the outerbox is very damage due to storage mop: gcash shipping: lalamove/mr speedy, EXO D.O.

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