common holly bush

common holly bush

Common Winterberry. But there are lots of other varieties to grow, some with attractive foliage and berries that range in colour from orange to purple. This versatile species looks striking as a hedgerow or planted along a front bed. Whether you want the more common Nellie Stevens or American Holly, these shrubs are the perfect options for quality greenery. With over 400 different species, hollies are a large genus that includes evergreen and deciduous shrubs, trees and climbers. It’s very compact, making it suitable for growing in a pot. Minimum temperature ranges (in degrees C) are shown in brackets, Aspect South-facing or North-facing or East-facing or West-facing, MoistureWell-drained, Moist but well-drained, Ultimate height May be affected by holly leaf blight. Holly plants have shiny, evergreen foliage made of spiky leaves. Emily Brumer prefers full sun to partial shade and tolerates a wide range of soils, making for a very versatile and hardy shrub to grow among the landscape. 4-8 metres, Time to ultimate height Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! When young, this hardy bush has a pyramidal shade that changes to a more open shape with irregular high branches. It is included in an evolving list of plants carefully researched and chosen by RHS experts. Instructions for Planting & Caring for a Holly Bush. This compact evergreen has tiny, serrated leaves and can be clipped into shapes. The dark green, leathery leaves grow over 3 inches long and are fringed with small spines. A female variety, it’s a fast grower. If a shrub retains its leaves year-round, then it is considered evergreen. Both a male and a female plant are required for the female plants to produce red berries, which appear from late autumn to mid-winter. Ilex x altaclerensis ‘Golden King’ is one of the prettiest golden variegated hollies you can grow. If you want berries on a female plant, you will need to plant a male nearby. Below are answers to common questions about shrubs. The flowers on the Emily Brumer bush are bright red, large and grow in clusters that encircle the stem to provide a bright contrast to the bush. Though it's generally a low-maintenance shrub, you will need to prune your plant in order to keep its size under control and to promote the growth of lateral buds and shoots. As it’s tolerant of salt and pollution, it’s particularly suitable for growing in urban or coastal sites. This unusual holly is a cross between Ilex aquifolium and Ilex latifolia.

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