cat insurance for older cats

cat insurance for older cats

It becomes more difficult as they get older due to increased likelihood of them developing medical conditions. If you choose to insure your cat with EmeraldPet we also offer 10% off your first year of cat insurance with the discount code EMERALD. Terms of business. You pay the first £85 for each condition per period of insurance. It is important to know that no pet insurance provider covers pre-existing conditions regardless of the pet’s age. This will help us in case of emergency needs. Call 1-866-421-9115 to learn more. Discover All About Cat Behaviour (What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You). Please refer to the terms and conditions of the policy, which set forth the scope of insurance being provided and address relevant state requirements. specialists and emergency animal hospitals. Secondly, it’s likely you’ll lose out as vets bills can run into thousands. I really like the idea of self-insurance. This is because as an animal ages there more likely they are to need veterinary treatment and they become more prone to diseases. Is pet insurance for older cats worth it? You will also face the choice of what type of pet insurance to go for. Though cheaper, time limited is a very basic plan. By doing this you can not only protect against accidents and illnesses that happen while you cat is young but you also won’t need have to worry about getting an insurance policy for the cat as they age. Many policies also won’t cover routine or preventative treatments, such as vaccinations, flea and worm prevention, neutering/spaying, grooming, and anything relating to pregnancy. She hasn`t been sick. Hello Kathy, what a very good post you have here. You may start to see some effects on their dental health, vision and hearing, while joint conditions like arthritis may also begin to affect their movement. Ensure you never have to choose between your senior pet & your personal finances. From welcoming your cat home to watching their fur turn grey, it can be difficult to see your pet age, especially since they grow older more quickly than we do. We have no upper age limit for insurance, however the excess due on claims will increase after they reach 10 years old. All rights reserved. Looking for pet insurance for older cats can be difficult because an older cat is at higher risk of incurring vet fees. Generally, pedigree cats such as Bengals and Siamese are more expensive to insure. You should also check the types of vet fees that are excluded, which are normally more elective like vaccinations, pregnancy and neutering, but that is standard across most insurances. This coverage is not subject to your deductible or co-pay, and not yet available in NY, MO, NJ, WA, & CA. There are companies that specialise in the more exotic breed of cat so do your research and compare each one.. At EmeraldPet we have no upper age limit to start cover, although bear in mind that premiums do rise as a pet gets older and may be reviewed every 12 months.. Also our cat insurance comes with a range of complementary treatments that may be of benefit to older cats such as hydrotherapy, chiropractic treatments and herbal medicines. The alternative would be heartbreaking to any cat lover, as the cost of treatment for serious illness or injury can be so high that some people simply cannot afford it. Talk to your veterinarian about developing the best plan for your cat as they age so together you can keep a close eye on their health and catch any issues early. I’m glad you like my article and you’re right that having insurance for your pet comes in very handy for emergency needs. Some pet insurance companies won’t cover senior pets, while other pet policies don’t cover some of the most common senior pet ailments, including hip dysplasia, cataracts, glaucoma, hearing loss, and periodontal disease. After you’ve brought your new cat home, here’s what to expect from your cat health insurance policy. *Based on average costs of veterinary exam fees. If you already have cat insurance on a pet that you’ve had for years, you won’t have to worry about steep hikes in premiums when your cat reaches its senior years as long as the cover was for life. That means if your pet goes missing you can claim for a substantial advertising budget and up to £200 to offer as a reward to whoever returns your cat. American Association of Feline Practitioners’ senior care guidelines. Senior Pet Insurance 1. Lifetime pet insurance cover is more expensive but you can see how it is more comprehensive. Cat insurance That’s because insurers are always watching the spread of risks they are insuring. This will now depend on how much I can afford for a monthly premium. Giving a sweet friend a comfortable home with a window perch and some catnip every night is the best way to treat a senior cat. If you’re struggling financially the idea of yet another monthly bill can be off putting. However, one thing you can do is shop around and look for the best deals. The potential for suffering from diseases such as diabetes, cancer, kidney and liver disease also increases while thyroid problems can also be seen. Your postcode. ** Pittari, J, Rodan I, Beekman G, et al. Based on a comparison of injury and illness coverage between Petplan and North American pet insurance providers on There are generally 4 types of pet insurance available to pet owners, ranging from accident-only up to lifetime insurance. *FAB. In general pet insurance for older cats will have the same exclusions as any other age group but you should always check this is the case when comparing cover as you will need to understand whether cover is good or not. From naptime to cuddles, our older feline friends bring us great comfort and joy as they ease into their golden years. However, with our Champ cover we may be able to cover your cat’s pre-existing medical conditions. If your cat develops a chronic, long term health problem you may regret your decision. Appearance changes, like weight loss or new growths, would inspire a visit to the vet just as behavioral changes like drinking more water or struggling to jump would. There are also accident only cat insurance policies but for an older cat you are probably more concerned about illness than injury and so an accident only policy may not be right for you. In fact, everything you elaborated here just sounded like you knew what i was going through before writing this content. If your cat’s treatment works out more expensive than the limits set, you’ll have to pay the outstanding amount yourself. In my opinion time limited insurance is not suitable for older cats. Of course, this means higher costs for you, so being insured makes sense. Taking out pet insurance isn’t unlike paying for your own private health care. That could be a great business opportunity to get new customers if other brands aren’t covering them. As is the case with all types of insurance, the cost of coverage can vary from one provider to another. However, you should still consider enrolling your senior cat because approximately 1 in 3 pets will need emergency veterinary treatment this year.‡. For more information, see our complete list of exclusions. As such pet insurance for older cats tends to cost a higher premium and come with a higher excess. You just put my mind at rest on that issue especially when you said, cheap doesn’t always mean good, Very true you know. However, once the cat gets into its advanced years such as 12 upwards, you could find yourself paying a fortune for cat insurance simply because of the increased risk of illness and injury that is posed due to the age of the cat. Pet insurance Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about the fact that you will have to pay more to get insurance for your older cat. I have three kittens, one older and two younger once. Hi Kathy, I am very glad to read your article. Any new illnesses or injuries that occur after enrollment and waiting periods are covered up to 90%, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with large veterinary bills or be faced with making a difficult decision.

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