boxing records history

boxing records history

<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 21 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> Boxers' records These records, compiled by Miles Templeton with assistance from fellow boxing historian Richard Ireland, are the first of a large number that will be published on this website.Records for most of the leading British boxers from the twentieth century will be … cɒ$a�}���|��� ���Ep�~��vw3g���t$����T��Y��+���ɧD�A�X�����F*��īɭr� �9�l[���.��/���m��0�>��2*Ϝ���7��B :JK�����b������� ��RL���m�.��t�+h��_�dTD]�y ul�2�.� ������#��9�vِy���|$�UT\��`F�Ӷ�d��r������C�lG�7z�� E��,U�۩m钞ƃ�ϯ�pI* endobj Records for most of the leading British boxers from the twentieth century will be made available over the next few years. endobj 16 0 obj Copyright, Harry Aarons (Brixton) Active 1919-1924, Jock Aitken (Droylesden) Active 1929-1942, Alex Ambrose (Glasgow) Active 1957-1963, Billy Ambrose (Stepney) Active 1948-1952, Tommy Armour (Belfast) Active 1936-1952, Joe Baldersara (Sunderland) Active 1929-1942, Horace Barber (Leicester) Active 1924-1934, Tommy Barnham (Fulham) Active 1937-1952, Tommy Barrett (Penzance) Active 1930-1946, Fred Bebbington (Salford) Active 1925-1938, Ernie Bicknell (Doncaster) Active 1920-1937, Jackie Bryce (Airdrie) Active 1939-1951, Gunner Budgen (Preston) Active 1907-1925, George Bunter (West Hartlepool) Active 1931-1944, Jack Bunting (Belfast) Active 1929-1938, Smiler Bush (Stratford) Active 1934-1946, George Butler (Camberwell) Active 1936-1938, Doug Bygrave (Norwich) Active 1937-1947, Ben Callicott (Plymouth) Active 1913-1923, Mick Carney (Wakefield) Active 1963-1967, Johnny Carr (Islington) Active 1932-1939, Eddie Carson (Edinburgh) Active 1945-1956, Johnny Chislett (Treherbert) Active 1919-1927, Johnny Condon (Catford) Active 1909-1916, Jack Coney (Southport) Active 1924-1935, Siki Coulton (Mansfield) Active 1925-1934, Ted Cullen (Mansfield) Active 1925-1939, George Cunningham (Bethnal Green) Active 1930-1938, George Daly (Blackfriars) Active 1929-1951, Garnett Denny (Belfast) Active 1946-1960, Percy Dexter (Sheffield) Active 1927-1936, George Dilkes (South Elmsall) Active 1944-1955, Joe Donnelly (Sunderland) Active 1929-1939, Ronnie Draper (Southampton) Active 1945-1951, Arthur Boy Edge (Birmingham) Active 1928-1935, Billy Ellaway (Liverpool) Active 1950-1958, Selwyn Evans (Newbridge) Active 1947-1953, Curley Fay (High Wycombe) Active 1928-1945, Bob Fielding (Wrexham) Active 1929-1942, Johnny Finnerty (Glasgow) Active 1936-1946, Bob Firmin (Lowestoft) Active 1931-1940, Ginger Foran (Liverpool) Active 1931-1942, Jack Garland (Belfast) Active 1929-1939, Dave Goodwin (Shirebrook) Active 1939-1949, George Gordon (Dunblane) Active 1926-1935, Bob Hartley (Billingborough) Active 1932-1938, Charlie Hazell (Pontypridd) Active 1929-1936, Tommy Henderson (Dumfries) Active 1933-1939, Billy Hindley (Horwich) Active 1918-1931, Bobby Hinds (South Elmsall) Active 1931-1945, Mattie Hinds (Belmont) Active 1927-1934, Alby Hollister (Islington) Active 1946-1952, Jackie Horseman (West Hartlepool) Active 1938-1956, Phil Horwood (Watford) Active 1913-1930, Frank Hough (Battersea) Active 1934-1947, Johnny Houlston (Cardiff) Active 1935-1949, Isaac Ingleton (Birkenhead) Active 1923-1924, Billy James (Birmingham) Active 1926-1931, Desmond Jeans (Mayfair) Active 1930-1934, Len Johnson (Manchester) Active 1920-1933, Johnny Jones (Treorchy) Active 1918-1930, Dave Kellar (Billingsgate) Active 1933-1938, Emmett Kenny (St Helens) Active 1946-1954, Jack Kirby (Birmingham) Active 1922-1944, Jim Laverick (Tyne Dock) Active 1938-1946, Jim Lawlor (Lowestoft) Active 1932-1939, Norman Lewis (Nantymoel) Active 1939-1950, Young Lippo (Plymouth) Active 1905-1918, Tommy Madine (Belfast) Active 1939-1950, Bobby Magee (North Shields) Active 1930-1948, Alf Mancini (Notting Hill) Active 1920-1931, Alf Mansfield (Aldgate) Active 1910-1920, George Markwick (Cuckfield) Active 1937-1946, Tommy Marren (Burnley) Active 1928-1935, Bert Marsh (Clerkenwell) Active 1917-1925, Dan McAllister (Belfast) Active 1933-1947, Frank McAloran (Belfast) Active 1922-1936, Jimmy McGrail (Liverpool) Active 1959-1964, Angus McGregor (Scotland) Active 1934-1941, George Merritt (Silvertown) Active 1932-1945, Tommy Mitchell (Chesterfield) Active 1909-1921, Terence Morgan (Newport) Active 1925-1937, Elfryn Morris (West Bromwich) Active 1932-1948, Bert Moughton (Dublin) Active 1908-1921, Zachy Nicholas (Sennen) Active 1933-1940, Tommy O'Keefe (Lynemouth) Active 1930-1943, Teddy O'Neill (Dumbarton) Active 1934-1948, Harry Orton (Leicester) Active 1930-1937, Buster Osborne (Bethnal Green) Active 1931-1945, Charlie Penwill (Coldstream Gds) Active 1919-1929, Terry Phillips (Cardiff) Active 1959-1966, Harry Pickard (Battersea) Active 1962-1966, Tommy Plowright (Ilkeston) Active 1940-1948, Allan Porter (Salford) Active 1909-1917, Tosh Powell (Aberdare) Active 1925-1928, Jim Prendy (Islington) Active 1909-1922, Billy Prestage (Rugby) Active 1922-1926, Leslie Price (Bristol) Active 1924-1924, Bert Priestley (Mexborough) Active 1923-1934, Tommy Proffitt (Manchester) Active 1948-1953, George Purchase (South Africa) Active 1929-1939, Johnny Quill (Stepney) Active 1926-1935, Reg Quinlan (Ammanford) Active 1944-1951, Harold Ratchford (Oldham) Active 1920-1944, Alf Reed (Canning Town) Active 1904-1915, Ginger Rennie (Sunderland) Active 1925-1936, Teddy Rollins (Whitley Bay) Active 1931-1939, Dick Roughley (Barnsley) Active 1926-1927, Jimmy Rowbotham (Birmingham) Active 1927-1934, Paddy Ryan (Manchester) Active 1932-1950, Ric Sanders (Leicester) Active 1945-1950, Ted Sandwina (Germany) Active 1927-1929, Sol Severns (Chesterfield) Active 1929-1937, Archie Sexton (Bethnal Green) Active 1925-1936, Don Shortland (Sheffield) Active 1926-1932, Freddie Simpson (Basingstoke) Active 1938-1947, Eric Skidmore (Wednesbury) Active 1949-1955, Stan Skinkiss (Manchester) Active 1951-1957, Algar Smith (Stoke Newington) Active 1949-1954, Billy Smith (Sunderland) Active 1925-1931, Norman Snow (Northampton) Active 1927-1942, Johnny Softley (Poplar) Active 1934-1948, Michael Stack (Leamington) Active 1949-1954, Jack Stanley (Deptford) Active 1920-1937, Eddie Steele (Norwood) Active 1928-1938, Tommy Steele (North Shields) Active 1932-1942, Eddie Stevens (Camden Town) Active 1916-1924, Dick Stubbings (Fulham) Active 1928-1937, Jimmy Stubbs (Runcorn) Active 1936-1947, Cuthbert Taylor (Merthyr) Active 1928-1947, Don Theobald (Sudbury) Active 1932-1939, Mickey Thompson (Lowestoft) Active 1931-1948, Fred Tilston (Chester) Active 1921-1933, Johnny Toohig (Croydon) Active 1933-1947, Willie Vint (Bellshill) Active 1929-1939, Pat Warburton (Ebbw Vale) Active 1933-1947, Freddy Warnock (Belfast) Active 1930-1940, Jim Wellard (Northampton) Active 1937-1951, Sid Whatley (Walworth) Active 1915-1928, Jim Wheeler (Bermondsey) Active 1928-1933, Archie Woodbine (Birmingham) Active 1928-1944, Alex Woods (Randalstown) Active 1937-1948, Sid Worgan (Llanharan) Active 1935-1948. Will the highly-anticipated Pacquiao-Mayweather fight break these and other world records on Sunday, May 3, Philippine time? �,�y1��%� 0�� {16��U,��Բ���*nm��c���@�w�}/g߉[�Kn�o)�_ʖ@�tY�M�@�YӢ�28� ��H�ت`�q����Qf�6�y��un�=�!����v��P�7��s��v�,�rƦ�

Biographies and fight-by-fight records of retired fighters and great boxers from the storied history of boxing.

He knocked down Burke in the first two seconds of round one. He also hosts TV and radio sports talk shows. x���=j1`Mq����7Y�l��H���()�:l�0��v��b!E~^��x��!��7����墐�B�����KR�L(��J��A�&��$+%���(�,��QH�i�C/�V!L�)S�FJ} �屗}u�9?���Q|8 e�d�R�L ��� Y��r�RV����2)Če��� endobj Here's a list of all of the retired fighters/boxers of the past; learn about the history of the sport, one competitor at a time. x�+��2P0�3�4715Q01г��Q�f His hand was reportedly broken in the fourth round while trying to throw an uppercut. <> The match served as Clottey’s first shot to a world title. ΒT��b3�w��h�]��7�q���{�R�P���.E��

", Most number of punches thrown in a matchAntonio Margarito vs Joshua Clottey.

Jeanette was recorded to have gone down 27 times within the first two-thirds of the fight, while McVea was knocked down 11 times in the latter rounds. The 10 seconds already included the referee’s countdown. endstream Men were asleep in their seats and the disgust was general,” said a, “By virtue of oxygen pumped into them by their seconds, Jeannette and MacVey reeled and staggered through forty-eight rounds of a brutal and plucky fight here tonight. � q <> These records, compiled by Miles Templeton with assistance from fellow boxing historian Richard Ireland, are the first of a large number that will be published on this website. Please visit this site if you require further information about this boxer, as there is much more material available.".

For now, here are some of the world boxing match records that are waiting to be broken by the future generation of boxers.

The two ended up splitting the prize. We would ask anyone who wishes to reproduce these records elsewhere to respect the hard work that has gone into their compilation. endobj y�\�Ī"cK=�2�z ����0�3420WH������MLO�Pp�W��# ]v

Andrew Eisele is a boxing writer who has covered the sport for Time, Inc. Largest number of paying audienceJulio Caesar Chavez vs Greg Haugen. !#y��E Boxing records in history. 11 0 obj

endobj Knocking down an opponent with just one punch is extremely rare and a difficult feat. [ 17 0 R] Burke recovered and was still able to fight for 3 more rounds.

S�s�+r�]���M{qg���O��% ��5��a���nP����������rzg!�o"��2�Y�9��_�, ���3g�D�P8tߟ��)���ɰ�̖E`&��-SU�k�6;eA��h���z��p#�(Ӑ�U��� Below is a list of boxers whose surnames start with the letter 'A'.

4 0 obj 8 0 obj

x��[mo�8�^���m�QD���]a�I�\�{�6,����4�s$Ò7���ofHJ�)JﶛĶ8�y�3$}�>��}�i������7Ŗ�r~[�=��s_���+��-�j�bW������k�2v{�� g!��L�Q c��"��>�}�o����_��yy�.>�x��ɂ-�|�`�X�J�@�\ꑡB K2a�~.�r���zy/[�ݼ0�K? <> %PDF-1.5 Their bout ended with 38 knockdowns within the 49 three-minute rounds. It was almost time for them to go to their breakfast. <> ��>�W%C�O|��B/}��x�'����Ɓ?$a� �Y2'��0�}6a�(2N�.���k�}��{�A���M�^CXg�� �چ����s`\9�O��,_ƋG�fn>?9� }]�E�_a�8�M�"��Yj�0�h�F�5P؜"v��3��=��X�q>�|����vu�`���qe���!�RAB�n�]]��J��}*� <>>>/BBox[ 0 0 41.023 40.954] /Matrix[ 1.7551 0 0 1.7581 0 0] /Filter/FlateDecode/Length 90>>


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