2001 australian federal election results

2001 australian federal election results

Whilst retaining the Victorian electorate of Aston in a July 2001 by-election, the coalition suffered a 4% swing against it. Throughout the campaign, the US-led attacks on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan dominated the news and was often linked to the refugee issue. Skip to content Information for people with disability Information on accessibility Australian Electoral Commission. The Australian Greens recorded a big increase in their vote and Senate representation. These statistics show the full force of the preferential voting system. Federal Election Results 1949-2001 2 Sources A number of published sources have been used in the compilation of this Paper. However, I rely on media reports and announcements in parliament for information on deaths of former members. By 2007, the Democrats' federal parliamentary representation had disappeared, while the Greens have emerged at the national level to take their place. Fadden serves for only 40 days, until Labor and the independents defeat his budget. A two-party system has existed in the Australian House of Representatives since the two non-Labor parties merged in 1909. The amount is calculated by multiplying the number of votes obtained by the current funding rate. In his article, Mackerras nominated the six elections as: 1917, 1929, 1931, 1943, 1966 and 1975. In NSW, Paterson, held by the ALP’s Bob Horne, is now notionally Liberal and Macarthur, held by the retiring John Fahey, is notionally ALP. Federal Election Results 1901-2014 – a Parliamentary Library research paper with detailed statistics on elections since 1901.; 2001 Primary Vote Winners, Preference Vote Losers; Election Pendulum – The pendulum following the 1998 election and redistributions in New South Wales, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia. [Read more…]. The election pendulum ranks the 150 electorates in the House of Representatives won by each party on a two-party-preferred basis. Federal elections were held in Australia on 10 November 2001. Deakin loses Labour's support in late 1908 and Andrew Fisher of the Labour Party becomes Prime Minister. This is a research paper from the Parliamentary Library with statistics on Australian Federal Elections since 1901. The ALP recorded its lowest primary vote since 1934. Search. More information is available at the Patreon website. At the urging of people online, I have agreed to see if Patreon provides a solution. This is a list of electoral results for the Division of Indi in Australian federal elections from the division's creation in 1901 until the present. The pendulum is based on the 1998 election results in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. The following tables show state-by-state results in the Australian Senate at the 2001 federal election. Australia’s parliamentary elections are increasingly focused around perceptions and packaging of the leaders of the various parties. Two groups have dominated politics in Australia: Labor and the Coalition, composed of the Liberal Party and the National Party (formerly the Country Party). Watson resigns four months later and Free Trade forms Government under Reid, finally passing the Conciliation and Arbitration Act five months later. The total for the party forming government after the election is bolded. Server costs and suchlike have become prohibitive. [Read more…]. Appendix 1: Text-messaging. He described the 2013 election as a “respectable loss” for the ALP but not worthy of being called a landslide. The Liberal candidate polled 15.95%. Server costs and suchlike have become prohibitive. Until then, senators elected on March 2, 1996 (who took up their places on July 1, 1996) will remain in place until June 30, 2002. This table shows the final state of the parties following the election. Search the AEC website. australian electoral commission; franchise & enrolment; first-past-the-post voting; preferential voting ; proportional representation (senate) types of votes; informal & donkey votes; voting behaviour; election funding & disclosure laws; electoral reform; elections. This website is in imminent danger of being shut down. John Howard has been elected Chairman of the International Democratic Union at its meeting in Washington DC. [Read more…]. Labour and the Protectionists return to Government in 1905 when Reid loses the confidence of the parliament. Two additional seats have been created for this election. It provides state-of-the-party tables for each House and Senate election since 1901. Prior to 1909 a three-party system existed in the chamber. The incumbent Liberal Party of Australia led by Prime Minister of Australia John Howard and coalition partner the National Party of Australia led by John Anderson defeated the opposition Australian Labor Party led by Kim Beazley . The funding rate for the 2001 election was 179.026 cents per House of Representatives and Senate vote. Mobile phones have become well-entrenched parts of the political armoury. It is apparent that whilst a party or parties can win seats and elections on preferences, there is no substitute for being ahead in the primary vote. The first of these was the controversy over refugees and asylum-seekers. The pendulum is based on the 1998 election results in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. Arguing that it was essential to establish ‘brand identification’, Howard stressed the importance of the role played by talkback radio – the ‘iron lung of Opposition’ – in allowing political leaders to promote their message to younger ‘aspirational’ voters who are less committed to traditional political parties than ever before. Alfred Deakin regains the Prime Ministership as leader of the new Commonwealth Liberal Party. [Read more…], Copyright © AustralianPolitics.com 1995-2020, CURRENT HEADS OF GOVT & OPPOSITION LEADERS, FEDERAL, STATE & TERRITORY GOVTS SINCE 1930, FEDERAL, STATE & TERRITORY ELECTION DATES SINCE 1901, Who’s Left – The Surviving Members Of Every House Of Representatives Since 1949, The Malcolm Mackerras Six And The Question Of How To Define A Landslide, John Howard’s Formula For Winning Elections, “Children Overboard” Gallery Of Photographs, Wayne Swan: Connecting With The Missing Middle – Reforming The Parliament And The ALP, 2001 Primary Vote Winners, Preference Vote Losers, Election Funding Payments: 2001 Federal Election, The Opposition Leader As A Factor Influencing Voting Behaviour, Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos Resigns, Morrison National Cabinet Meeting Briefing: Bringing Australians Home, John Fahey, Former NSW Premier and Howard Finance Minister, Dies, 75, 1982 Video Flashback: Fraser Challenged by Peacock; Cain Labor Government Takes Office in Victoria, Morrison and Hunt Announce Vaccine Deal; Andrews Attacked; Call For Improvements to Victorian Tracing and Testing, Morrison Government Says Victorian COVID-19 Measures Are Hard And Crushing News, Daniel Andrews Announces Slow Road Out of Lockdown for Victoria, Statement on National Cabinet Discussions, Success And Failure: The ALP’s Results In Federal Elections Since 1910, Summoning Parliament: Turnbull’s Timing And The Historical Experience, My Story: Julia Gillard’s Book Launched By Quentin Bryce, Julia Gillard’s Interview With Ray Martin, Julia Gillard Testifies At Trade Union Royal Commission, The Good Fight: Wayne Swan Launches Memoirs Of The Rudd-Gillard Years, Greg Combet Says Julia Gillard Offered To Stand Aside For Him, ALP Releases 2013 Election Campaign Review, Julia Gillard Discusses Education On Al Jazeera. Results for Australian federal electoral division in north-east Victoria, Results of the 2019 Australian federal election in Victoria § Indi, Results of the 2016 Australian federal election in Victoria § Indi, Results of the 2013 Australian federal election in Victoria § Indi, Results of the 2010 Australian federal election in Victoria § Indi, Australian Capital and Northern Territories, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Electoral_results_for_the_Division_of_Indi&oldid=979034507, Australian federal electoral results by division, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 11:05. I sincerely hope I haven’t killed or resurrected anyone. Divisional Profiles and Election 2001 Results Map. ALP = Australian Labor Party, L+NP = grouping of Liberal/National/LNP/CLP Coalition parties (and predecessors), Oth = other parties and independents. The electorate of Calare, held by the independent Peter Andren, has been placed in the ALP column on the basis that it is a non-government seat. He said: “However, I have a more rigorous definition, the details of which I have not the space to elaborate now.”. Menu. This table shows the election funding payments made to political parties and candidates following the 2001 federal election. After July 2, When Will The Next Election Be Held? Two events stand out as being vital to the outcome. It has been online since 1995, but the personal circumstances of the owner, Malcolm Farnsworth, are such that economies have to be made. They expire on June 30, 2005. Home; For voters; For parties and political participants; Learn about elections; Information centre; The AEC; For voters. With the high-profile defection of Senator Julian McGauran to the Liberals in 2006, questions have been raised about the Nationals' viability, and proposals for a Liberal-National party merger have increased in strength. The second event was the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in the United States on September 11, 2001. The Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory have 2 senators each. The 1910 election was the first to elect a majority government, with the Australian Labor Party concurrently winning the first Senate majority. This is a list of electoral results for the Division of Indi in Australian federal elections from the division's creation in 1901 until the present. In the 1980s the NDP briefly gained election, and in the 1990s the Greens were elected to the Senate. After July 2, When Will The Next Election Be Held? The Tally room archive contains the official election results for federal elections conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) Election results Tally room archive.

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